Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bulvinkel - Spirit Moose

If there's one thing I always look forward to with each new expansion, it's the ability to tame new pets with new looks. As usual, with Legion we have a multitude of new pets to hunt down and add to our stables. This expansion offers some particularly beautiful new pets, from gorgeous Mana Sabers to badass mechanical pets and everything in between. (You can see a full list of all the new creatures added in Legion on Petopia.)

I was beyond excited to find out that we would be able to tame moose this time around; seriously moose are awesome. I finally saw one in real life for the first time in like 20 years a few months ago, and they really are majestic animals. They're big, powerful, awe inspiring, and now we can have them as pets!!! /SQUEEEE!

Well, as if that weren't awesome enough, the devs went and threw in a spirit moose as well! Be still my beating heart!

Meet Bullwinkle Bulvinkel:

So here's the deal with this lovely moosey. He's in game for hunters only, killing him will only get you a Crystalline Tear of Loyalty. There's nothing to taming him really. No special challenge, no tracking, no hoops to jump through at all as far as the tame itself goes. You can even tame him right at level 100, because like nearly everything else on The Broken Isles, he scales to your level. It's getting to him that can be a little tricky.

How to get to Bulvinkel:

Bulvinkel can be found in Stormheim at 74, 84 on the cliffs southeast of the Halls of Valor. Now unfortunately he cannot be reached by just walking up from the shore. The section of cliff he resides on is very steep on every side, so you need to reach him by jumping from the cliffs above.

To get to Bulvinkel you'll need to head over the bridge toward Halls of Valor. When you get to the first set of stairs, take a quick right and head to the end of the balcony and jump off. (You can use the chests on the ground to hop on and over, or you can run on your mount across the edge of the second balcony and jump straight out over side - the screenshot below gives a good visual of this, but the video below will give you an even better idea.)

How to get to the grassy area west of Halls of Valor (Click to Enlarge)
Once your're off the balcony, take a left and head straight up the mountain. There is a pretty visible (and wide) grassy path leading the whole way up. When you get to the top, the rocks start getting jagged and steep and you really need to start watching your footing. Take your time navigating your way down, until you get to a very big drop just before the grassy area full of goats where Bulvinkel patrols.

When you get to the very steep drop, you can either jump and use disengage just before hitting the ground, or you can make absolutely sure you won't splat on the unforgiving rocks below by just using a Goblin Glider. (Whatever method you choose, be careful not to kill your character - the graveyard is quite a hike.)

When you get to the area Bulvinkel patrols you'll see goats wandering the hillside, and maybe even Bulvinkel himself! He'll be the only aggressive beast in the area if so.

Bulvinkel Patrolling on the hillside
Spawn Timer:

Don't fret if he isn't up. His spawn timer isn't too bad (at least compared to some others we've dealt with in the past). I personally witnessed a spawn time as little as one hour. I've also read on Wowhead comments that people waited up to 6 hours to see him, so I'd say 1 - 6hrs is a pretty safe bet at this point. If your're a skinner, you can even pass the time and level up by killing goats in the area.

You can also attempt using the group finder to realm hop and see if he's up on another server, but the group leader will need to be in Stormheim. (The group finder is working differently post Legion, and you will only be transferred to the leaders group if you are in the same zone as them.) You can search for groups questing in Stormheim (I've been listing myself in group finder while questing there on my shaman in case any hunters want to check my realm - I suggest others do the same if you can.)

One last quick word of advise - BODYGUARDS...DON'T BRING ONE. They will attack Bulvinkel.

Once you've got this beauty, he looks darn awesome alongside the Grove Warden mount. You can also get yourself a pet squirrel and have your very own Rocky & Bullwinkle Bulvinkel! :D


If you don't feel like reading everything above, or just want to get a better idea of the route to get to Bulvinkel - I made a pretty straightforward video showing exactly how to get there. Enjoy!

Happy Hunting all!! <3 E


  1. Oh he is simply stunning! Yet another reason I need to get my hunter alt into the Broken Isles :)
    Is he tameable for all specs or just BM?

  2. Thank You. Great it straight away, no problems :)

  3. thank you, got him around 3:33 am Realm time on The Underbog.

  4. A much easier way to get to him is to use the eagle flying network to get to Thorim's peak, then use an eagle feather. Seems a long way, but you'll get there no problem.

  5. Been waiting 6 hours now straight. For a pixelated moose. What am I doing with my life.

    1. Have you tried realm hopping via the group finder? If you hop into a group questing in Stormheim you should be transferred to the group leader's realm. I hope you get him soon! <3

  6. got him dalaran realm at 1155ish am on 11/17/18 spawns right at bottom edge area of the massive rock service