Sunday, July 31, 2011

Razormaw Matriarch and Her Nest (Razormaw Hatchling)

Razormaw Matriarch is a level 25 rare raptor that can be found inside the cave at Raptor Ridge in the Wetlands. (I have indicated where the cave entrance is located  on the map below.) Before patch 3.3 she dropped the vanity pet Razormaw Hatchling pictured on the right in the picture above. The hatchling no longer drops off of her but can now be looted directly from her nest Razormaw Matriarch's Nest and is a 100% chance drop. As of 4.2 she drops a green and a decent amount of experience for toons around her level.

Razormaw Matriarch does not need to be up for the nest to be spawned in and vice versa (they have independent spawn timers). I have found her alone before with no nest, I've found just the nest and I've also found both up at the same time as you can see in the video below. The nest will only spawn near the location of the rare raptor.

There are three other rare raptors with associated hatchlings and nests and those are:

The other hatchling pets are all still randoms drops from raptor mobs.

There are four spawn locations of the nest within the cave. If you use the tomtom addon for waypoints this macro will be helpful in finding them:

/way 70.0 29.1 
/way 71.1 30.9
/way 67.6 30.7 
/way 69.1 31.5

The respawn time on the nests seems to be between 1-2 hours and Razormaw Matriarch's spawn timer is about the same. 

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