Friday, January 25, 2013

Badlands - Tamable Rares added in 5.1

Tabbs - Tamed
When the magic wand of rare tamable pets was waved over Badlands this zone saw eight new additions. There are now a total of seventeen rares that call Badlands their home. You can see the other nine in this post: Badlands Rare Spawns.

One of the news rares in this zone sports a totally unique look, and that is Tabbs the cat (pictured on the right). This cat looks like a cross between Pogeyan (hunched, shiny look with red eyes) and Araga (coloration). You can find her sleeping along the mountainside just behind a small camp.

The rest of these new tamable beasts aren't unique, but there are still some pretty neat looking ones that low level hunters may find interesting. I think Blackshell the Impenetrable has a very attractive coloration (which is strangely enough not even close to black) that isn't very common.

Zormus, the dark purple warp stalker, shares the same look as only one other mob in the game, and that is Gezzarak the Huntress. Gezzarak is a spawned mob for the quest Adversarial Blood up in Skettis. The addition of this rare not only allows lower level hunters to have this model as a pet earlier, but it will also save people from having to farm for Shadow Dust and then Time-Lost Scrolls x10 to summon her.

None of these new rares are exotic, so hunters of any spec can tame them.

Click map to Enlarge
Here are some screenshots of each of these rares in order by level. (Click on pictures to enlarge them.)

Blackshell the Impenetrable, Needlefang, Tabbs & Zormus
Kalixx, Serkett, Vorticus & Deathstrike
All of these rares can be added to NPCScan. You can simply cut and paste this macro in game to add all of them automatically:

/npcscan add 51000 Blackshell the Impenetrable
/npcscan add 50731 Needlefang
/npcscan add 50838 Tabbs
/npcscan add 51018 Zormus
/npcscan add 50726 Kalixx
/npcscan add 51007 Serkett
/npcscan add 51021 Vorticus
/npcscan add 50728 Deathstrike

Don't forget your matching battle pets!
Lizard Hatchling and Spiny Lizard can each share the same color scheme as Zormus.


  1. My favorite pet was always Pogeyan. used that on my Tauren hunter since I first found her. nice to know that she has a sister now ^^

    1. I used Pogeyan as well on one of my hunters all the way to max level. He just has such a nice looking model. =)

  2. Oh I know. I still have her as one of my 5 pets today..stands out in stampede since the rest are spirit beast. and I will have her until WoW ends itself. Though now I will have to tame this one as well.

  3. I am enjoying your great Blog, but I am not figuring out where to paste the NPCscan macros.

    1. After copying the macro, go into the game and hit "Esc" and then "Macros". Hit "new", name it whatever you like and hit "okay". To paste the macro where it says "Enter macro commands" hit Ctrl-V and everything you just copied should show up there. :)

  4. i cant find Zormus it would be helpful to know how to get to him.

  5. There is a Carrion bird named Zaricotl (Rare-Tameable) about an inch above Tabbs (On the map) Its a nice white one.

    1. Zaricotl (Rare-Tameable) is by the bones above Tabbs (On the Map) A White Albino Carrion Bird

    2. Click the link in the first paragraph in this post. I've already covered him.

  6. most of them are not spawning in there place I have been running around for hour and can't find them at all

  7. So incredibly helpful, I found Zormus, Serket and the other warp stalker all in a row, sadly some stupid quest I was on had ogers follow me and they killed one...but two outa three ain't bad!!

  8. spawn time of voticus?