Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Araga, patiently waiting to be tamed (or mercilessly murdered in front of her cubs)
Araga is a level 24 rare cat (specifically a lioness) that can be found on the Headland in the middle of Hillsbrad Foothills. She spawns at the very edge of the jutting out peninsula and sits there with her cubs overlooking the zone, she does not patrol at all. I have indicated where she can be found with a red dot on the map below.

She drops the typical green item and a decent amount of experience for people leveling.

She would also make a fairly unique hunter pet. Before Cataclysm she had her own unique skin, although that is not the case any more, there is only one other place in game that this look can be found. The level 32-33 Plains Prowlers in Southern Barrens share the same model as Araga.

Araga can be found with NPCScan, but it isn't really necessary as she doesn't move away from the location that she spawns at. If you do choose to add it, her NPCScan ID is 14222.

Before Cataclysm her spawn timer was quite long, somewhere in the vicinity of 21 - 32 hours. I am fairly certain that it has since been significantly reduced. I came across her on my first time through the area.

Although there are many rares in Hillsbrad Foothills (I will not cover all of them), four of them are tamable by hunters. Those four are:
One day Simba, all of this will be yours.


  1. Wow, Arent I A Lucky Hunter? After Attempting To Complete A Very Difficult Quest ( And Failing ) I Decided To Go Quest On Other Things. While Questing I Stumbled Upon Araga And Had 3 Empty Slots. So I Tamed It! :D

  2. i just go to the top and there she is:) it´s really spawn after so long? Or she remains there all the time?

  3. I got her I got her!