Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rockhide the Immovable - Trackable Hunter Pet (Basilisk)

Rockhide the Immovable is another one of the new trackable hunter pets that we'll be seeing in Mists of Pandaria. He is a level 89 pink basilisk that can be found patrolling through the middle of the mainland in Townlong Steppes. (See map below for his exact path.)

How to track: In order to find Rockhide you will need to find and follow his tracks, which are only visible to hunters. Once you find the "end" of his tracks you will need to use a flare in order to make him visible. (If you are standing inside of the flare, you will aggro him.) I recommend not throwing your flare right in front of the most recent track, but instead  placing it slightly further out. The idea is to get him to walk through it. If placed too close to the most recent track, you will likely miss him. Once Rockhide has walked through the flare he will become visible not only to you, but to others as well. At this point you can start taming him, or you can throw a Hunters Mark on him. Hunter's Mark will allow you, and only you to see where he is. If another hunter applies their Hunter's Mark he will disappear from your sight when he goes back into stealth. If he is heading into an area filled with hostile mobs such as the Gai-Cho Battlefield, placing Hunter's Mark on him and following until he is in a safe location to tame may be wise. (Regurgitated info, yes. But I do think it should be in each of these posts.)

Rockhide the Immovable's tracks are called "Worn Tracks", and like other beasts' tracks they do not stay up indefinitely; the furthest ones behind disappear one by one as new tracks are created. His tracks are fairly dark in color, and so is most of the ground that he's walking on - making them a little harder to find. I definitely recommend turning off ground clutter for this beast, and actually any of the other trackable beasts. It's amazing how much more visible the tracks become when ground clutter is put on the lowest setting.

(Tracks are now facing the correct direction as of patch 5.1. You no longer need to follow them backwards.)

Rockhide's path starts from the edge of the cliff overlooking the sea directly west of Fire Camp Osul. It then moves southeast until reaching Lower Sumprushes where the path turns and begins to move southwest and eventually ending just west of Sik'Vess right next to a large stone tower. It takes him exactly 29 minutes to move from one of the path to the other. When he reaches the end of his path, he simply turns around 180 degrees and heads back in the direction he came from.

Click map to Enlarge
Below are some screen-shots I've taken along Rockhide's path starting from the north end of his path west of Fire Camp Osul moving all the way to the southern end of the path just west of Sik'Vess where he turns around. (All of these screenshots can be enlarged for a better visual by simply clicking on them.)

In the above left screenshot Rockhide is heading toward the northern end of his path, the middle and right shots were taken just after he turned around
Above, from left to right: Rockhide is heading southeast from the northern end of his path, then heading through Gai-Cho Battlefield (if you find him here I recommend waiting until he moves to a safer location, this area is full of less than friendly elites), in the right pic he is exiting the battlefield just south of Fire Camp Osul
Above, left to right: Heading south toward Lower Sumprushes, heading through Lower Sumprushes and then continuing south toward Dusklight Hollow
Above, left to right: Moving southwest, having just passed the large tree north of Dusklight Hollow, in the middle shot he is heading southeast just east of Sik'Vess Lair, then about to enter Farwatch Overlook
Above, left to right: Moving north toward Sik'Vess, then heading west from the large tree at Sik'Vess toward the end of his path; the last two shots are his southern turn around point
Below is a video of me following Rockhide the Immovable through his entire path. I started following him when he was heading south from Lower Sumprushes to the end of his path in the south. I continued the second part of the video starting from the same location but moving north to the other end of his path. I've sped up this video x3 to keep the length down. 

Here is another video below from the first time I tracked him down and tamed him. 


  1. Word of advice for those trying to tame Bombyxon the test realm (just got him) keep planting flares on what look like dead ends on his "tracks" found him in 15 minutes by doing that

  2. I tamed Rockhide today, but noticed there is another set of footprints what are not his. Is there another trackable pet in the area?

  3. Whooo... Got him in 20 minutes... and again just by spamming the flare on his path (the path end next to some tower) until he came and I tamed him :) Leo, and time for another one :)

  4. Áthan [EU - Draenor]


  5. Hey, where do I create a page like this one? Email me at

  6. Tamed him at 42:86. Tracked him along, and then waited for him here to back track. There were no mobs, so it was really easy.