Friday, February 10, 2012

Pretty in Pink - Loving my Swift Lovebird

(I'm breaking the line of Bloody Rare related posts to bring you a not so rare related news bulletin regarding pink flamingos!) 

The first day the Swift Lovebird went live I had to hold myself back from buying one immediately. The moment I found out this pretty birdy was going to be added to the game I just knew he would go perfect with Mazzranache and my Mulgore Hatchling and I just HAD to have him!!

The mount costs 270 Love Tokens, which are earned through dailies, and can be purchased from Lovely Merchants in any of the capitol cities. However, you can also purchase tokens with Lovely Charm Bracelets at a 1 = 1 trade ratio. That means, 10 Lovely charms = 1 bracelet. Ouch. When I first saw this mount listed on the ah I couldn't fathom the thought of paying someone 30k gold to have what would inevitably go way down in price in a week or so. I also couldn't imagine farming well over 2k Lovely Charms to get enough Love Tokens to purchase one early.

What I did was sort of a mix between the farm/daily method. I farmed a few hundred charms last Sunday, then I used one of my husbands toons to disperse them among my "mains" so that I could turn in each capitol city daily quest every day. To make things even quicker I used his mage once or twice for ports. *Shhhh don't tell him*

If your looking for a great spot to farm Lovely Charms at level 85 my top choice is The Fleshwerks in Icecrown (Pre-phased). The mobs there have only 3780 hp each and they respawn instantly! Even with one or two other people there as competition you can still gather a hefty amount because a set number of mobs always HAVE to be up! My second choice (if the first is too crowded, or phased) is Aldur'Thar in northern Icecrown. The mobs there are plentiful and like the ones at the Fleshworks a certain number have to be up at all times.

The Fleshwerks
The Fleshwerks (2 min after DK landing and spamming Death Grip while spinning 360 degrees)
Anyone interested in getting the sweet matching hunter pet, check out my post on Mazzranache. If she's not up, there are other pink tallstriders in Southern Barrens as well called Deviate Plainstriders.

As far as the cute little Mulgore Hatchling is concerned, horde characters have it a little easier here because they're the ones who can actually obtain it. A whole bunch of dailies to open up the Argent Tournament vendors, and then a few more days to get enough Champion's Seals to purchase the little guy. Alliance needs to either have some horde connections on their server or find it on the auction house.
Pink will NEVER go out of style!

Also, I want to give a big thanks to Dreamy from Drunkard's Regalia! She drew an amazing picture this morning of my lil hunter and her pretty birdies that just blew me away! Check out her blog for more astonishing wow-related artwork. ^-^


  1. Ever since you told me about this mount I've been waiting to see you with all three. Looks Great!

    Are you going to change your header?

    1. At some point I probably will when i get a chance. I'll probably work these three pretty pink flamingos in somehow and make the whole thing smaller at the same time. I'm not digging how big it turned out.

    2. Header changed!!! Those two flamingos just HAD to be three. Also King Mosh wants to eat them I think...

  2. Euphy that is fantastic, I love it! And the picture done by Dreamy is fantastic too!

  3. Honestly, after seeing your header I was pretty much waiting to hear the news that you'd gotten the mount as well. Congratulations on that. The whole works looks great.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys n' gals. =D

    Now I just need to find some pink mail for transmog so I can run around in pink all the time! =P

  5. I'd like to introduce you to Tannin, the dwarf hunter:

    He insisted I say "hi" on his behalf. So, "hi" :)

    And grats!

    1. Skettis and Netherstalker armor, yay transmog mail! Lookin' good I must say. And OMG I totally forgot about that staff! Someones going to be taking a trip to see Magtheridon soon...;)

      Tell Tannin I said "hi!" back! =)