Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blade's Edge Mountains Rares

There are a total of three rare spawns in Blade's Edge Mountains. All three of them are required for the Bloody Rare Achievement. NPCScan overlay is very close for all of them, but I still fine-tuned the map a little to show slightly more accurate patrol areas.

Hemathion is a level 68 dragon that spawns on the Ogri'la plateau in Blade's Edge Mountains. He can be found walking on the ground in two separate patrol areas. One of those is just north of Ogri'la, and the other is just south of it. His patrol area is highlighted in blue on the above map. Please note that although NPCScan has the entire southern area highlighted that he just patrols around the edge of it.

This mob does not fly. You will only ever find him walking on the ground. Also, if you find him on a toon of similar level if might be helpful to know that he does fear, so be careful of the surrounding mobs in the area. Other than that he's pretty easy to take out, his only other ability is a breath attack.

He drops a level 68 boe chest piece of a random armor type with a random enchant. The four possibilities are: Drakeweave Raiment, Drakehide Tunic, Drakescale Hauberk and Drakescale Breastplate.


Morcrush is a level 68 giant colossus who can be found patrolling in several different areas in eastern Blade's Edge. He's easy to spot when he's up because he is HUGE. His patrol areas are marked in red on the above map. Hunters don't forget, you can use track giants to help find him.

If you find this guy on a toon around his level be careful where you engage him. It's easy to pick up other mobs in the area and Morcrush will also summon three smaller rock adds while your fighting him making it easy to become overwhelmed. (I believe the shardlings are fearable.) If you watch the video below you'll see I picked up like half of the zone when I engaged him.

Morcrush drops level 68 boe shoulders of a random armor type with a random enchant. They are: Felstone Mantle, Felstone Spaulders, Felstone Epailets and Felstone Pauldrons.

Speaker Mar'grom
Speaker Mar'grom is a level 68 two-headed orge mage. He spawns in four different areas in Blade's Edge, each spawn location is near one of the main orge encampments in the valley area of the Zone. The northernmost spawn point being Gruul's Lair and the southernmost being Bloodmaul Outpost.

He is pretty easy to spot when he is up because of his bright orange garb and his fancy staff. His staff, for anyone interested, is a really big version of Staff of Dominance which drops off of Golemagg the Incinerator in Molton Core.

He is not difficult to down, but if he spawns outside of Gruul's Lair you'll need to be careful as the surrounding mobs in the area are elite. However, if you talk to Grok in Shattrath City, he will give you a quest to speak with Mog'dorg the Wizened (the ogre that opens up the Ogri'la quests). Once you complete his line of quests (5-man quests at level 70) the hostile orges in the area will all become neutral making Speaker Mar'grom stick out quite easily.

Speaker Mar'grom drops boe level 66 gloves of a random armor type with a random enchant. They are: Nethersteel-Lined Handwraps, Nethersteel-Reinforced Gloves, Nethersteel Gauntlets and Nethersteel Handguards.



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  2. I haven't seen the other two ever, but Hemathion wasn't exactly a rare sight when I was doing Ogri'la dailies in TBC from what I remember.

    All the better for the people hunting him I suppose !

  3. Why I cant tame dat dragon? He kill me :(