Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bristlespine - Trackable Hunter Pet (Porcupine)

Bristlespine is a level 88 blue porcupine, and one of two rare elite trackable hunter pets that can be found in Kun-Lai Summit. (The other is Stompy the Goat.) He has a pretty long patrol route through most of southern Kun-Lai Summit. (See map below for exact path.) He can be tamed by hunters in any spec, and makes a fairly cute little pet.

How to track: Like the other trackable hunter pets, you will not be able to see him when he's up. He is completely stealthed. In order to locate him, you will need to find and follow his tracks - tracks that thankfully only hunters can see. Once you've found his tracks you'll need to follow them until you don't see any more. This is where I like to wait and watch where I think that he'll be walking next. Often times you'll see a new track appear right in front of you - this means you've found him!

Once you find him, the only way to see where he is, will be for him to walk through a flare. Don't throw your flare down on top of the track he just left, throw it a little further out in front of where you think he is. When he walks through your flare he will become visible. You can take this opportunity to tame, or you can throw a Hunter's Mark on him - which will keep him visible to you when he goes back into stealth. Hunter's Mark will make him visible to you, but only you when he's in stealth.

Bristlespine's tracks are called "Puzzling Tracks", and they look a wee bit large for the size of this little fellow. Like other beasts' tracks they do not stay up indefinitely; the furthest ones behind disappear one by one as new tracks are created. His tracks are dark green in color and most of his path is along dark brown grass, making them a little difficult to spot at times. His tracks are definitely easier to find if ground clutter is turned down to the lowest setting.

(Tracks are now facing the correct direction as of patch 5.1. You no longer need to follow them backwards.)

The Southern end Bristlespine's path starts on the Auburn Bluffs overlooking the sea and The Jade Forest. From there he basically makes a large oval through the entire southern half of the zone until he reaches the northern Auburn Bluffs, just south of the Temple of the White Tiger. It takes him about 45 minutes to move from one end of the path to the other. When he reaches the end of his path, he simply turns around 180 degrees and heads back in the direction he came from.

Click map to Enlarge
Below I have several screen shots showing Bristlespine moving along his path. The pictures start at the southern end and follow him as he moves west, north and then eventually east toward the northern end of his path. (All of these screenshots can be enlarged for a better visual by simply clicking on them.)

The above screenshots show Bristlespine heading toward the southern end of his path on the Autumn Bluffs (just behind Prankster's Hollow) and then turning around.
Above from left to right: Bristlespine is heading east past Lao & Son's Yakwash, past Prankster's Hollow and then heading through The Yaungol Advance with Inkgill Mere in the background.
Above from left to right: Bristlespine is still heading west through The Yaungol Advance (Gate of the August Celestials in the background), then moving toward Firebough Nook where he begins heading north. 
Above from left to right: Bristlespine is beginning to head east toward The Burlap Trail, then past The Burlap Waystation and passing The Sha of Anger at one of his spawn points.
Above from left to right: Bristlespine is heading east, just south of the Grummele Bazaar (Temple of the White Tiger in the background),  past Fire Camp Yongqi, and then back onto the Auburn Bluffs moving north.
These last screenshots show Brsitlespine moving toward the northern end of his path where he turns around. (He turns around right at that bunch of rocks & bushes in the screenshot on the right.) 
Below I have a video of following Bristlespine through his entire path, starting from the southern end and ending at the northern one. (Video has been sped up x4.) ~

I have another video (not sped up) of actually tracking & then taming him. ~


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    1. hehe, I do too. Now if only there were a pink one... ;)

  2. Thankyou so much for your contribution to making my gaming experience so much more enjoyable.
    In the past 24 hours, due to your excellant mapping, I have been able to tame all the rare pets in Pandaria.

    Have a great WoW'ing Christmas

    1. Grats on all of your tames, and have a lovely WoW'in' Christmas yourself! ;)

  3. Got him too... and again just by spamming the flare on his path until he came and I tamed him :) (10 min this time) Leo, I am missing one last :) again thx for this page :)

  4. Áthan [EU - Draenor]


  5. Does he turn around and walk the opposite way on the path, or disappear and respawn at beginning?

    1. He turns around and walks in the other direction. All of the trackable hunter pets do this.

  6. omg thank you so so soooo much for all these pet thingys ^.^ so far i have gotten, Savage, Hexapos, Glimmer, Protent and Stompy thanks to you (: so again, thanks ^.^

  7. We have been trying for DAYS to catch this guy. Without hunters mark it makes it SO much harder cause we only catch glimpses and then hes gone. Any suggestions? My daughter REALLY wants him as a pet

    1. You can now use freezing trap to stop all of the trackable pets. Just toss one where he is going to walk as soon as he comes into sight.