Monday, July 25, 2011

Lady La-La

Lady La-La is a non-elite hostile level 81 Naga rare spawn with approximately 74k health who spawns in The Clutch in Kelp'Thar Forest in Vashj'ir. The location she spawns at is shown in blue on the map below. She is easy to spot compared to other Naga in the area, as she has a unique model. 

Lady La-La drops Lady La-La's Singing Shell, a bind on equip item level 292 (equipable at level 80) healer trinket. On my server it sells for a couple hundred gold. She also drops around 20 gold, and for leveling characters I'm sure killing her yields a hefty amount of experience.

Upon engaging her if you have your sound on you will hear music similar to that of the D.I.S.C.O. item from the WoW TCG. She'll debuff you with Briny Romance (frost damage) all the while she'll have up her Siren's Song which causes all nearby enemies to dance. Thankfully upon her death the music stops.

She is also one of eight rare spawns in Vashj'ir. All of them are:

Abyssal Depths-
Kelp'Thar Forest-
  • Lady La-La - Drops a nice level 80 healer trinket
Shimmering Expanse-


  1. Question. Is the mount shared among all that tagged him with, say, a grey level 1musket or an ez throw dynamite and camp all the locations while playing, say, magic the gathering?