Saturday, July 23, 2011


Gondria is a level 77 non-hostile rare spawn with approximately 17k hp. She can be found in Zul'Drak in several different locations which are indicated in blue on the map below. There are three other rare spawns in this zone as well and those are Zul'drak Sentinel, Griegen and Terror Spinner (tamable spider).   

This npc is not part of any Northrend achievements. She drops Gondria's Spectral Claw which is a level 77 bind on equip ring item with a random enchant. Like other Northrend rares, she also drops Abandoned Adventurer's Satchel, which generally contains about 20 gold, a full stack of frostweave cloth, and often times a few crystallized elements.

Gondria is a tamable hunter pet. Please note that because she is a hunter pet that even though you may not have seen her before in Zul'Drak it doesn't mean that she isn't already cached by NPCScan. If a hunter has this tamed pet out near you, your NPCScan will cache it. If it is cached in NPCScan and this rare is up your alert will not go off. Be sure to check and clear your cache often!

Also, please have some courtesy. If you come across this mob and a hunter is in the process of taming it - leave them be. Hunters, in order to lessen the chances of someone snagging Gondria while you are taming, hit her first so that you tag her. If a passer-by notices that the mob is grey'd out they are probably more likely to continue on their way.

Note that because Gondria is a spirit beast, she can only be tamed by hunters that have the top-tier talent from the Beast Mastery tree Beast Mastery which allows the taming of exotic pets.

Gondria doesn't really have many special abilities to note when fighting or taming her. She really is quite trivial, but I recommend leaving her alone so that hunters can tame her. When tamed her special ability is Roar of Courage with the bonus ability Spirit Walk.


  1. Awesome cat to have... now to level up and get Magria. :-)

  2. how do u keep getting them?

  3. What is her respawen time? Cause I've tested time and she seems to. Be around 6 hours so far.