Sunday, July 3, 2011

Captain Florence

Captain Florence is a level 81 non-elite rare spawn located on a ship floating in the water above the Shimmering Expanse just south of Nespirah. He is only hostile toward Horde players. Alliance's version of this NPC is Captain Foulwind who spawns in the Horde ship north west of Captain Florence. He is not a flagged npc, so killing him will not flag you on a non-pvp server. Captain Florence doesn't drop anything of value, not even a decent amount of gold. He generally drops around 2g, and sometimes embersilk cloth or grey items. He does offer a very decent amount of experience though for players leveling in the area; approximately 42k xp non-rested at level 82. If your level 85 and you come across this guy, don't bother killing him, you really have nothing to gain.

The fight with him is simple, he has a couple of rogue abilities including sinister strike and mutilate. There is also an add with him that will engage. Anyone leveling in the area shouldn't have much trouble getting him down.

He is also one of eight rare spawns in Vashj'ir. All of them are:

Abyssal Depths-
Kelp'Thar Forest-
  • Lady La-La - Drops a nice level 80 healer trinket
Shimmering Expanse-

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