Monday, July 18, 2011


Terborus is a non-elite hostile level 83 Gyreworm rare spawn with approximately 80.5k health who spawns in the Scoured Reach just outside of the Crumbling Depths and south of Therazane's Throne in Deepholm. The location he spawns at is shown in pink on the map below. He is easy to spot compared to other gyreworms in the area, as he is quite large and yellowish in color.

Terborus drops Terborus's Rotating Bands, a nice bind on equip item level 346 dps plate wrist item. On my server it sells for approximately 1500 gold. He also drops around 20 gold, and for leveling characters killing him yields a hefty amount of experience. My rested level 84 hunter got 134,174 xp (rested) for killing him. 

He is a very trivial mob with no crazy special abilities. He has an ability called Bore which will reduce your armor by 50% for 20 seconds and he puts an earth shield on himself. Anyone questing in this zone should have no issues killing him.

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