Sunday, June 26, 2011

Burgy Blackheart

Burgy Blackheart
Burgy Blackheart is a lvl 81 non-elite rare spawn with approximately 55k health. He is located at 57,70 in the Shimmering Expanse just south of Nespirah. The location is shown below in green. Burgy drops an incredibly fun vanity item called Burgy Blackheart's Handsome Hat which can be equipped in place of your normal helmet to make your character look like the one depicted in the screen shot below. The hat will make your character and all of your mounts slightly transparent and larger.

Character wearing Burgy Blackheart's Handsome Hat standing over Burgy's Corpse

Here are a couple videos of Burgy Blackheart walking around his sunken ship. I didn't kill him here because I already had the hat he drops. The fight with him is quite trivial, he has an ability called Brittle Touch that reduces your armor to zero. He will also shoot you with Parrley! and has one melee attack called Swashbuckling Slice. Neither hit very hard.

The spawn timer on Burgy seems pretty reasonable. He generally tends to re-appear anywhere from 6 - 24 hours after he was last killed. While searching for Poseidus I've come across him at least 3 times without really looking for him.

Burgy also has a couple of funny quotes that he says while in combat:

"Feast ye eyes upon the dreadful, clever, all-powerfull, hate-filled, sword-swignin', face-punchin', insult-flingin', and all around handsome, BURGY BLACKHEART."


"Seriously. Feast away. I'm quite beautiful."

Burgy is also one of eight rare spawns in Vashj'ir. All of them are:

Abyssal Depths-
Kelp'Thar Forest-
  • Lady La-La - Drops a nice level 80 healer trinket
Shimmering Expanse-

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