Monday, August 1, 2011

Dart and Dart's Nest (Darting Hatchling)

Dart is a level 37 rare orange raptor that can be found in northern Dustwallow Marsh just east of Blackhoof Village. (I have indicated where he can be found on the map below in the red circle.) Before patch 3.3 he dropped the vanity pet Darting Hatchling pictured on the right in the picture above. The hatchling no longer drops off of him but can now be looted directly from the nest Dart's Nest and is a 100% chance drop. As of 4.2 he drops a green and a decent amount of experience for toons around his level. 

Dart does not need to be up for the nest to be spawned in and vice versa, they have independent spawn timers which seem to be a couple of hours each. I have found him alone before with no nest, I've found just the nest and I've also found both up at the same time. The nest will also only spawn near the location of the rare raptor.

There are three other rare raptors with associated hatchlings and nests and those are:

The other hatchling pets are all still randoms drops from raptor mobs.

There are four spawn locations of the nest (in green on the map above). If you use the tomtom addon for waypoints this macro will be helpful in finding them:

/way 48.0 14.2
/way 49.2 17.5
/way 47.9 19.0
/way 46.6 17.1

Here is an example below of what the nest looks like when found:


  1. Just FYI, I was in dustwallow marsh on my troll hunter that I am currently leveling just to tame interesting pets and I decided to just run by and see if I could find the Dart nest. To my great surprise saw Dart running around, i quickly dismissed my pet and tamed him, then a few moments later found the nest at the Northern most location marked on your map. Of course being troll, I then rushed back and bought the Orange Swift Raptor mount as soon as I hit 40 and now have the whole matching family. I just love running around on my swift orange raptor with dart and the dart hatchling running behind. My boyfriend thinks I am insane.

    BTW KUDOS for this site. You have put in a lot of effort and it shows and I for one appreciate it.

    1. I hear ya, I'm the exact same way. I LOVE my matching pets/mounts and when possible non-combat pet combo's. My husband doesn't understand either. Pftt must be a man thing.

      Heck, I'm making sure this week to get that Swift Lovebird to go along with my Mazzranache and Mulgore Hatchling! Can't have too many matching pets or pink! ^-^

  2. Been farming for it and when i saw it it was no nest there :(!!!!!!!

  3. i once saw nest.. thought it was for a quest.. didnt clicked it -_-'

  4. I was at one of the nest locations and I saw Dart up. I quickly shot him and looted and a few minutes later I found the nest up, but it was far away. I went on my flyer and was about to get the nest when a level 56 rogue got to it before I did. After a few days of searching and only seeing it once, I had lost it. And I never managed to find it again. Gratz on the nest find though!

  5. I found her nest but I couldn't loot... Do you have any idea why? /:

  6. When I arrived Dart was dead, and there were four other people running around camping the nests. Only no-one apparently knew about the Northern one, it took me one try to obtain it and about five seconds of searching.

  7. i am finding no sign of either -_-

  8. update: ive found the nest but still no Dart