Saturday, August 20, 2011

Akma'hat - Dirge of the Eternal Sands

Akma'hat is a level ?? rare outdoor boss with approximately 12.9 million health. He can be found in Uldum to the west of Obelisk of the Sun. He spawns in only one location (marked in blue on the map below) and he does not move from it or even patrol. He just stands there waiting to be killed. 

As of patch 4.1 Akma'hat drops one guaranteed purple item. He drops Belt of a Thousand Gaping Mouths which is an item level 359 leather physical dps belt. He also generally drops about 200 gold, another epic item and some nice jewelcrafting designs.

He is one of 5 rare outdoor bosses added in Cataclysm. There is one in each Cataclysm zone. All of these bosses are:
Garr - Mount Hyjal
Julak-Doom <The Eye of Zor> - Twilight Highlands
Xariona - Deepholm

In order to down this guy you are going to need at least a tank, healer and a couple of dps, although a full group is advisable if you don't want the fight to go on forever. 

Akma'hat has a few abilities that you should be aware of before you start the fight.

Fury of the Sands - Sand boulders erupt in all directions, dealing physical damage on impact. This is easily avoidable, just move away from the black crumbling earth/dust clouds that periodically appear all over the ground.
Shockwave - Deals 95000 to 10500 physical damage damage in a cone in front of the caster, affecting all enemies up to 50 yards away. This is just like a warriors Shockwave and will stun anything in it's path so he will need to be faced away from the party.
Sands of Time - Behold the sands of time! Reduces haste of some nearby enemies within 60 yards for 15 seconds. This is a magic effect and it is dispelable. If your group only has a few dps it is definitely worth it to make sure this gets dispelled. 
Stone Mantle - Surrounds the caster in a mantle of stone that absorbs incoming damage. Increases damage for as long as the mantle holds. When he casts this he will have a visible shield around himself. This is where dps should use their cool downs as Akma'hat will begin hitting the tank harder and harder the longer the shield stays up.

I've got a couple of videos below that show the fight. Once you watch about a minute of it you can pretty much get an idea of what to expect as he just uses the same abilities over and over again. This particular group in the video had 5 people in it, a dk tank, druid heals, 2 hunters and a mage. None of them were exceptionally geared and a couple actually looked like they just hit 85. The whole fight lasted about 7 and a half minutes. 

He is also one of five rare spawns found in Uldum. All of them are:

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