Saturday, August 27, 2011


Oozeworm is a level 38 rare worm that can be found just west of the Stonemaul Ruins in Dustwallow Marsh. (I have indicated where he patrols in red on the map below.)  He is especially desirable as a hunter pet as his yellow color really makes him stand out. The only other tamable yellow worm in the game is another rare spawn called Grubthor, who is level 56 and can be found in Silithus.

Oozeworm is an exotic pet, he can only be tamed by hunters who are at least level 69 that have the top-tier talent from the Beast Mastery tree Beast Mastery which allows the taming of exotic pets.

Oozeworm can be found with NPCScan. You will need to add it, his NPCScan ID is 14237.

You can also use this macro to help find and tame him:
/tar Oozeworm
/stopmacro [noexists]
/cast Tame Beast

Before the cataclysm his spawn timer was somewhere between 32 - 48 hours, I'm not sure if it has been reduced. I would imagine it has because it seems most other rares have had their timers reduced. He was spawned in the first time I came looking for him.

There are a total of five rare tamable hunter pets in Dustwallow Marsh. All of them are:


  1. I just found him and attempted to tame, apparently he is no longer tameable.

    1. Were you in BM spec when you tried taming him?

  2. I found a tameable rare the other day
    I just wanted to let you know
    It's name is Anith and it is a red and black wind serpent, he can be found just before entering Brakenwall Village from the Southern Barrens if you follow the little road. Level 37 and tameable. I sadly couldn't tame him for I was only level 35 :(

  3. There is also a rare spider called Parallis directly west of Mudsprocket, against the mountains. Really cool, brown and gray with a wicked back end, lol.