Monday, September 19, 2011


Garr and his Posse
Straight out of Molten Core, I'd like to introduce...Garr! Yes, he's back. No, he doesn't drop his bindings. Garr is a level ?? rare rock elemental outdoor boss with approximately 12.9 million health. He can be found patrolling west of Sulfuron Spire in southern Mount Hyjal. I have indicated his patrol area in red on the map below.

As of patch 4.1 Garr drops one guaranteed purple item. He drops Garr's Reinforced Girdle of Memories which is a bind-on-equip item level 359 physical dps plate belt. He also drops about 450 gold, another epic item and some nice jewelcrafting designs.

He is one of 5 rare outdoor bosses added in Cataclysm. There is one in each Cataclysm zone. All of these bosses are:
Garr - Mount Hyjal
Julak-Doom <The Eye of Zor> - Twilight Highlands
Xariona - Deepholm

In order to defeat Garr you are going to need at least a tank, healer and a couple of dps. 

Garr and his adds are not linked. Garr's adds CAN be pulled one at a time. The easiest way to down him is to pick off his adds one by one before pulling Garr himself. The adds have two abilities. The first is Immolate and is essentially the same as a warlock's immolate. Each add also has an Eruption ability which is similar to Garr's Massive Eruption. Although not deadly, it will still hit melee very hard (about 50k).

Garr has a few abilities that you should be aware of before you start the fight.

Antimagic Pulse - Dispels magic on nearby enemies, removing 1 beneficial spell effect. Nothing special here, just annoying.
Magma Shackles - Reduces the movement speed of nearby enemies by 60% for 10 sec. (magic) Garr will periodically cast this on random targets. It can be dispelled. The dispelling priority is tank first and then melee so that they can run out of his Massive Eruption.
Massive Eruption - Deals Fire damage to nearby enemies. (4 second cast) This ability is the killer. When Garr begins casting this spell all melee and the tank need to run away ASAP. Healers also need to make sure that the tank is not shackled by Magma Shackles and that their hp are topped off. Anyone who is still close to Garr when he gets this spell off will almost assuredly die. It hits for roughly 200k and does a very far knock back so getting out of it is an absolute priority. If the tank gets hit by this and lives the knock-back has the potential to reset Garr depending on positioning and the tank will likely be extremely low on health afterwords. In the video below you can see at 4:07 our tank was hit by the eruption and lived, but a sneeze probably would have killed him shortly after had the healers not been paying attention. 

This particular group in the video below had 8 people in it, 1 tank, a couple of healers and the rest dps. (This fight can be done with 4-5 people as well, it will just take a lot longer and will obviously be more difficult.) The whole fight for our group lasted a little over 5 minutes (from pulling the first add) the fight with just Garr himself took about 2 minutes.

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