Friday, August 5, 2011


Armagedillo is a non-elite hostile level 84 HUGE armadillo rare spawn with approximately 129k health who spawns in an area filled with bones just west of Orsis in Uldum. The location he spawns at is shown in red on the map below. He is quite obvious when he is up because...well...he's HUGE, and he stays pretty much in one place. 

Armagedillo drops Armagedillo's Tail, which is a bind on equip item level 312 two-handed physical dps mace. He also drops around 20 gold (why an armadillo is carrying cash I can only wonder...), and for leveling characters killing him yields a hefty amount of experience. 

I haven't done a lot of research on his spawn timer, but I can tell you that he is up quite often because on my route looking for Mysterious Camel figurines I have killed him several times. Often twice in the same day.

Oh yeah, he also breaths fire...

He is also one of five rare spawns found in Uldum. All of them are:

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