Thursday, October 27, 2011

Darkmist Widow

Darkmist Widow is a level 37 rare black and red spider that can be found outside of the mine north of Brackenwall Village (just in front of a fallen mine cart) in Dustwallow Marsh. She does not patrol from that location once spawned in. I have indicated where she can be found with a red dot on the map below.

She drops the typical green item and a decent amount of experience for people leveling.

She is also tamable by hunters and would make a nice pet for people who come across her. If you want this particular model and color and are having trouble finding her, she shares the same model and color as couple of other spiders in game. Those are: Zarakh, a level 19 mob for the quest The Missing Expedition on Bloodmyst Isle; Shadra, a level 35 spawned elite in the Hinterlands for the quest Shadra the Venom Queen; and the Black Recluse, a level 85 mob in Twilight Highlands.

Darkmist Widow can be found with NPCScan, but it isn't really necessary as she only spawns in the one location. If you do choose to add it, her NPCScan ID is 4380.

Before Cataclysm her spawn timer was somewhere between 5-8 hours. I am fairly certain that it has since been significantly reduced. I came across her on only my second time in the area.

There are a total of five rare tamable hunter pets in Dustwallow Marsh. All of them are:

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  1. i almost killed this thing while questing, but it looks so cool that i ran away and came back and tamed it when i had dismissed my pet, rare spawn? i got lucky... cool pet :)