Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tirisfal Glades Rare Spawns - Including New Tamable 5.1 Rares

Tirisfal Glades, my absolute favorite starting zone, has had six new rares added to it in patch 5.1. This brings the total number of rares in Tirisfal to fifteen! This means a lot of extra experience for new leveling toons and a whole heaping bunch of fun new pets for hunters to find. ^-^ There were even three totally unique beasts added for some extra taming fun!

Bonechewer (the blue vulture), Plague (the blue demon dog) and Nighthowl (the black saber tooth worg) are all unique in that they are all ghostly versions of these skins. That right, each one of these beasts are see-through - and remain so after taming! Check out the screenshots I have up of Plague (on the left) and Nighthowl (all the way at the bottom of this post) and see for yourself!

The other three new beasts are not unique, but will still make pretty neat looking pets. Hibernus the Sleeper has the diseased white bear model, which prior to patch 5.1 was found on the Rabid Grizzly bears in Dragonblight. That means this model could only be tamed by hunters that were at least level 71. Shadowstalker, the vibrant purple and red spider, has a model and color that could previously only be tamed at a minimum level of 51 - by taming the Coldlurker Creeper spiders in Winterspring.

Although not new to the zone, there are also three other tamable rares to be found. Those are Bayne (the purple demon dog), Ressan the Needler (white bat) and Sri'skulk (the black & red spider).

The spawn timers on these lower level rares are fairly quick. Seeing them respawn within a half hour after being killed is not uncommon. I'd also like to note that there are usually two Lost Souls up at a time (look at the screenshot below where I circled each of them). If your using these rares to power-level a new toon, don't forget to check for the second one!

Click map to Enlarge
I have screenshots of each of these rares in order by level below. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them.) The ones with stars in the lower left hand corner are the new tamable rares, the colors correspond to the map above. ~

Fangor, Muad, Shadowstalker & Lost Soul (x2)

Hibernus the Sleeper, Bonechewer, Bayne & Farmer Solliden
Plague, Tormented Spirit, Deeb & Nighthowl
Ressan the Needler, Sri'Skulk & Fellicent's Shade

All of these rares can be added to NPCScan. You can simply cut and paste these two macros in game to add all of them automatically:

/npcscan add 50328 Fangor
/npcscan add 1910 Muad
/npcscan add 50763 Shadowstalker
/npcscan add 1531 Lost Soul
/npcscan add 50930 Hibernus the Sleeper
/npcscan add 50803 Bonechewer
/npcscan add 10356 Bayne
/npcscan add 1936 Farmer Solliden

/npcscan add 51044 Plague
/npcscan add 1533 Tormented Spirit
/npcscan add 1911 Deeb
/npcscan add 50908 Nighthowl
/npcscan add 10357 Ressan the Needler
/npcscan add 10359 Sri'skulk
/npcscan add 10358 Fellicent's Shade

I hope everyone is enjoying these new rares as much as I am! ^-^


  1. Ooh I hadn't seen Nighthowl so I may night need another trip to the Glades for him. Plague and Bayne are two of my favourite pets though, I love those models.

    1. I love that model too. Next undead hunter I start is definitely going to be looking for Plague. Demon dog model + ghostly see through thing going on = win. =)