Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Swamp of Sorrows Rare Spawns - Including New Tamable 5.1 Rares

Like several other low level zones, Swamp of Sorrows also saw some love when patch 5.1 hit. There were eight new tamable rares added to the zone that day, bringing the total count of rares in the zone to fifteen (sixteen if you count Captain Wyrmak, who is just outside the instance portal to Sunken Temple).

Gib the Banana-Haorder & Darkmoon Monkey
I personally believe this zone was given the most love when it came to these additions, as there were a real heap of new beauties added. Four of the new beasts have completely unique looks, and some of the others are notable for other reasons entirely.

My absolute favorite has got to be Gib the Banana-Hoarder. Gib is a level 52 unique monkey - with a hat! Or more specifically - a fez. He looks exactly like the Darkmoon Monkey companion pet too! He's just a slightly larger version of him. (See screenshot on the left.) He also flings poo at people.

Another pet I've absolutely fallen in love with in this zone is Kash, the green cat. Kash is a unique level 52 hunched green cat with orange stripes. This cat is basically Winna's Kitten (color) + Pogeyan (model). I've always loved this coloration, but was never a fan of the typical non-hunched cat look. This kitty just may be replacing my Savage for a while. (WTB more stable slots Blizz!)

There are also two different unique spiked wind serpents to be found here! Ionis, level 53, has a beautiful rusty orange and grey coloration. Yukiko, also level 53, has a neat white and grey (with a little bit of orange) color.

The rest of the new beasts are not unique, but there are still some really cool looking ones. Chupacabros, the level 53 spiked green raptor, is now the lowest level tamable raptor in this model and color. You may recognize his look from the raptors roaming about Blade's Edge Mountains in Outland.

Orlix the Swamplord, the level 54 wasp, is an absolutely gorgeous purple and pink color that previously couldn't be tamed until reaching level 85 and heading into Zul'Gurub. Then of course, there's Seawing - a bird after my own heart. (I just can't get enough of my matching pets and mounts.) Seawing (like Dustflight the Cowardly in Stonetalon Mountains) looks just like the Swift Forest Strider and the Darkmoon Hatchling companion pet. They make quite an ensemble, that's for sure! ^-^

Spawn timers for all of the rares in this zone are fairly similar, and seem to be somewhere in the 2-3 hour range from what I've witnessed so far.

Click map to Enlarge
I have screenshots below of each of these rares in order by level. The ones with the stars in the bottom left hand corner are the new tamable rares added in patch 5.1. The colors of the stars correspond to where they can be found on the map above.

Shimmerscale, Gib the Banana-Hoarder, Kash & Fingat
Chupacabros, Ionis, Molt Thorn & Yukiko
Gilmorian, Lost One Cook, Orlix the Swamplord & Seawing
Dreamwatcher Forktongue, Jade, Lost One Chieftain & Captain Wyrmak (not on map)

All of these rares can be added to NPCScan. You can simply cut and paste these two macros in game to add all of them automatically:
"Oh pretty kitty, you will be mine!"

/npcscan add 50738 Shimmerscale
/npcscan add 51052 Gib the Banana-Hoarder
/npcscan add 50837 Kash
/npcscan add 50882 Chupacabros
/npcscan add 14446 Fingat
/npcscan add 50790 Ionis
/npcscan add 14448 Molt Thorn
/npcscan add 50797 Yukiko

/npcscan add 14447 Gilmorian
/npcscan add 1106 Lost One Cook
/npcscan add 50903 Orlix the Swamplord
/npcscan add 50886 Seawing
/npcscan add 5348 Dreamwatcher Forktongue
/npcscan add 1063 Jade
/npcscan add 763 Lost One Chieftain


  1. Chupacabros's name is a reference to Chupacabra, a legend that came from Latin America. It all started when farmers started to find their goats dead with their blood completely dried and signs of bites in their necks. The name Chupacabra comes from the spanish/portuguese language: "chupar" = "to suck" + "cabra" = "goat", literally "goat sucker"...

  2. Why are these rare spawns so difficult to find? In other words, they're practically never seen because I've been searching for Gib, Yukiko, and Kash for the past few days and at different times, so on, to tame them, but have not seen any of them once.

  3. CRZ is a pain, but you also have horde players in the area looking for them, plus you have non hunters who will kill them either for quests or just to get the drops.

    1. Not to mention Rares are a great way to level up, they give a huge amount of XP. normal mobs in Swamp of Sorrows on my 55 priest are giving 468+ xp and rares are giving me 18-20k xp non rested

  4. these rares give around lv 55 a mere 4-6k xp so I call BULLSHIT

  5. Captain Wyrmak inside the Hall of Masks inside Temple of Atal'Hakkar is missing

    1. Only from the map. Read the first paragraph of this post & check the screenshots.

  6. I got Kash after standing there for 3 hours, also wat was weard it started to rain e few sec befor his spawn alsow the whole place wasn't so dark anymore the light changed a litle, it only happend a few sec befor the spawn. Got Gib the Banana-Hoarder right after taming Kash i think they share spawn timer ^^. so all i kan say if it starts to rain just go check to make sure.
    hope it helps :D

  7. I got all of these in 1 pass after a server reboot. lucky I guess.

  8. I found Kash at 3:30 in the afternoon... CST... just as it was raining. He wasn't there an hour before, so I tried 3:30... because some guy had a video showing him taming Kash. And the time on his mini map was either 2:30 or 3:30. He was exactly there on that island. He is great... so pretty.

  9. I found Kash just a while ago but it wasn't 3:30 like so many others have found him and it wasn't raining, i'm sure that he has different spawn times and I missed him yesterday but What luck! I was researching the next rare I would tame and I checked the window to W.O.W and there he was. What great is that after that I entered the Blasted land and walked right in on Clack the Reaver! I hope that his helps if you don't find him on a rainy day and I hope you have as good as luck as me!!!

    P.S he is an absolute beaut

  10. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. I've been parked on this island looking for Kash for 5 hour clips at a time, for days. I don't see any other people around me to snipe him away. He just hasn't spawned.

    1. Scratch that...2:30 EST on the dot.