Monday, July 16, 2012

New Rares & Achievements Implemented in last MoP Beta Patch!

WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD!! Mists of Pandaria Beta Post:

I was pretty ecstatic this weekend when I logged into the beta to find that a massive amount of new rares and rare related achievements had been added in the most recent patch. There are three achievements related to a handful of rares that can be found in each one of the Pandaria zones. (That's a handful of rares in EACH zone, there are quite a few new rares! I counted 49 total on the list in the achievement tab - not all rares are currently listed on the achievement in beta.) 

The new Mists of Pandaria rare achievements are:

A Worthy Opponent - Defeat one of the powerful champions of the Pandarian races that wander the continent.
Could We Find More Like That? - Defeat one of each type of Pandarian champion.
Glorious! - Hunt down and defeat each and every one of the Pandarian champions.

"Glorious!" MoP Achievement Rares (Click to Enlarge)
It looks like "A Worthy Opponent" is essentially the "Medium Rare"/"Northern Exposure" of Pandaria, and "Glorious!" is the MoP version of "Bloody Rare"/"Frostbitten", which I know a lot of people were hoping for. (Myself being one of them.)

Naturally I was slightly hell-bent on finding all of these guys the moment I found out about them, so I went a rare hunting rampage. I was able to find quite a few, and even knocked out the "Could We Find More Like That?" achievement in a few hours.

Earning the Achievement "Could We Find More Like That?"

These rares vary by level depending on what zone they are found in. Naturally the higher level ones have more hp and hit harder. Most of them are fairly straight-forward, and none of them hit particularly hard with their auto-attacks, however you will need to be aware of their special abilities. As a hunter I was able to solo each type of rare, but one of them took me about 7 or 8 tries at level 90. The ones I found most difficult to solo were the Jinyu (this is the one that took me 7 or 8 tries) and Pandaren (OMG have interrupts, and be good at them).

There are eight different types of mobs required to get the "Could We Find More Like That?" achievement. Each type has different special abilities. Some of these abilities will make it extremely difficult and maybe even impossible for certain classes to solo. 

The eight types of rare champions are:
(Videos of each type can be see on this post)


Bananarang: Throws a banana that flies all around, its very obvious and easy to avoid.
Going Bananas: Jumps around, influcing physical damage on landing and will hit you with Going Bananas if he lands on you, ouch.
Toss Filth: Increasing taken by 11% for 30 seconds and stacks.


Rain Dance: Channeled aoe spell that can easily be avoided, just run away from the water he tosses, can also be interrupted.
Torrent: A casted, and then channeled attack that WILL kill his target unless interrupted
Water Bolt: Not much to worry about, pretty basic attack. Don't interrupt.


Blade Flurry: This hurts, it will take 55% of your health if caught in this frontal aoe cone attack, it can be stunned
Tornado: This spell creates tornadoes that whip around the area, they are quite obvious and easy to avoid. It is important to avoid them as they cause Harsh Winds.
Windsong: He will put a buff on himself that will allow him to do more damage and make him immune to kiting abilities. (Stun will still work.)

Mogu Sorcerer:
(Some extra shadow resistance couldn't hurt with these guys)

Dark Bolt: Shoots the enemy with a dark bolt increasing weapon damage by 35%, pretty basic attack, not much to worry about.
Shadowbolt: 200% weapon damage (shadow), can be interrupted.
Voidcloud: 10% shadow damage aoe per second to those who stand in it, looks like a voidzone, very VERY easy to see and move out of.

Mogu Warrior:

Devastating Arc: frontal attack that deals 65% of your max health, but not difficult to move out of. Melee can run through him to the other side.
Summon Quilen: summons an add to assist, the add does little damage though and can be cc'd or ignored until it disappears after 30 seconds. (I just used ice trap on them or ignored them entirely.)
Titanic Strength: a rage effect that is used periodically, it will stack.


Chi Burst: This ability is used if you are more than 15 yards away, and it HURTS. Ranged if standing far away enough (but not too far) can be safe from both the Spinning Crane Kick and Chi Burst I realized after a 15 minute Pandaren fight...ugh.
Healing Mists: For the love of puppies....this MUST be interrupted! If not, it heals an absolutely ungodly amount of hp. Silencing shot couldn't be used enough during this fight...
Spinning Crane Kick: Cannot be interrupted, other than with stuns. Those in melee range will suffer Spinning Crane Kick.

Saurok (not part of achievement yet):

Grappling Hook: inflicts 450% weapon damage, and pulls you into him if you are more than 20 yards away.
Vicious Rend: physical dot that stacks.
Vanish: Vanishes into the shadows and removes debuffs...that means you Hunter's Mark!! rabble rabble...
Smoked Blade: Used when he comes back out of stealth.


Bellowing Rage Increases damage dealt by 190%

Rushing Charge charges the enemy dealing 350% weapon damage and knocking them down if more than 20 yards away.
Yaungol Stomp aoe damage, deals 65% of your max health if your within 6 yards. Easy to move away from.

New Rares eh? What do they drop?:
(To see all special drops including vanity items, trinkets, full pvp items, etc... please see this post: Special drops from Rare Champions of Pandaria.)

I'm glad you asked! These rares are absolutely worth the effort in finding and downing. Not just because it feels great to actually get them down, but because they drop some amazing loot! The ones I killed dropped very nice item level 440 gear, and Vanity item collectors rejoice - we have a LOT of fun things to look forward to!! =D

Using my Hozen Beach ball and Pandaren Firework Launcher
I was able to nab a bunch of fun items off of these rares including: Hozen Beach Ball, Eternal Warrior's Sigil, Bottled Tornado, Shard of Archstone, Pandaren Firework Launcher and Forager's Gloves. I also received a Big Bag of Mysteries, Big Bag of Jewels, Big Bag of Skins and a bunch of Small Bag of Goods. These bags currently have no loot table so I can't tell you what is in them, but I am guessing that the Small Bag of Goods will be similar to the Abandoned Adventurer's Satchels that we saw in Northrend. Each rare seems to drop their own fun and unique item so far, and I've seen that some can even drop mini-pets - YAY!

Finding Them:

I'm sure when MoP is out we'll be able to use NPCScan and SilverDragon to find all of these guys, but until then using macros to target them in each zone does the trick. Simply copy and paste (ctrl-v to paste in game) into a new macro to use.

/target Blackhoof
/target Bonobos
/target Jonn-Dar
/target Nal'lak the Ripper
/target Nasra Spothide
/target Salyin Warscout
/target Sele'na
/target Sulik'shor

/target Arness the Scale
/target Cournith Waterstrider
/target Gaarn the Toxic
/target Go-Kan
/target Qu'nas
/target Ruun Ghostpaw
/target Spriggin
/target Torik-Ethis

/target Ahone the Wanderer
/target Borginn Darkfist
/target Havak
/target Korda Torros
/target Nessos the Oracle
/target Norlaxx the Outcast
/target Scritch
/target Ski'thik

/target Eshelon
/target Kah'tir
/target Lith'ik the Stalker
/target Lon the Bull
/target Norlaxx
/target Siltriss the Sharpener
/target The Yowler
/target Yul Wildpaw

/target Ai-Li Skymirror
/target Dak the Breaker
/target Gar'lok
/target Ik-Ik the Nimble
/target Karr the Darkener
/target Krol the Blade
/target Nalash Verdantis
/target Omnis Grinlok

Vale of Eternal Blossoms
/target Ai-Ran the Shifting Cloud
/target Kal'tik the Blight
/target Kang the Soul Thief
/target Major Nanners
/target Maldo One-Eye
/target Sahn Tidehunter
/target Urgolax
/target Yorik Sharpeye

/target Aethis
/target Ferdinand
/target Kor'nas
/target Krax'ik
/target Mister Ferocious
/target Morgrinn Crackfang
/target Sarnak
/target Urobi

/target Martar the Not-So-Smart

(Martar the Not-So-Smart is not technically a silver dragon atm, he is a regular golden dragon & not part of the achievement. He does however drop a neat item called Martar's Magnifying Glass.)

Getting the "A Worthy Opponent" Achievement by killing Eshelon in Townlong Steppes:

Getting the "Could We Find More Like That?" achievement by killing Korda Torros in Kun-Lai Summit:

Like I've done in the past, I plan on eventually hunting down each and every one of these rares and posting about their abilities, what each one drops, where you can find them neatly laid out on maps and anything else interesting relating to them - so stay tuned! In the meantime, for more detailed and up-to date information on the loot that each of these guys drop, details on where to find them, etc.. check out the posts by Lore on the A Worthy Opponent page on WoWhead; he's currently compiling a list and editing it as people are finding out more.


    But I am loving those loots!

    1. Tisk tisk Navi!!! I put that warning there specifically with you in mind!

      But since you've already looked...OMG! ^-^ These vanity items are amazing!!! Since I've written this post, I've found 35 of these new rares and I can't wait to start telling people about all of the fun items they drop. I've gotten two cute new vanity pets, a trinket that summons an army of angry pugs armed with pink ribbons and pirate hats, an item that dismounts other players (hehehe), one that makes my toon look (and sound like) like Mr. Smite, a banana that I can toss on the ground that trips people =D ...and a bunch more!!

  2. update for you : Gaarn the Toxic is found in the Karsarang Wilds

  3. Nice work :)
    I'm really looking forward to seeing these on live. I haven't tried looking for them yet on the beta, I've been too focused on Pet Battles lately :P

    1. Thanks Cym, I also can't wait to check out the pet battles - this is taking too much time though, so those will have to wait for me!

      I noticed you've found some really cool ones =). Once I've satisfied my need to find every new rare, I'll start looking for those too. There's just too much to do!!! Ahhh!!

  4. Hello. Nice Blog. Very very nice. It was long time that someone created such a page with everything. What's missing is a more detailed explanation how the rare system works :)

    But where are the new rare pet challanges?

    gogo on the tracks :)

    Sincerely yours Abraxusta

    1. TY for the compliment. =)

      At the time I had written this I hadn't found all of the new rare champions yet, and I only just heard about the rare hunter pets yesterday. Since then I've found all of the champions that exist so far, and I'm working on several posts right now on the subject. Looking for those new pets is also proving to be a bit time consuming. ;)

      Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out, I'll definitely have more info up soon!

  5. Hehe ok ok. i upload just a video whit a example about the new challenges.
    Actually I am playing wow no more. I had but Just have a look see if there are new rare or not and whether the mechanism has changed :)

    I'll make a link to the video for your blog because I really like it and I'm glad you that you give so much trouble for all the players so inexperienced and searching.
    Hope you do not mind :)

    (i have so much videos but not the time all this to edit and uploaded and so will all this go bad. "hope my english grammar is not so bad"^^)

    Sincerely yours Abraxusta