Sunday, July 29, 2012

Searing Gorge Rare Spawns

Searing Gorge is a fiery and rocky zone located in the mid-Eastern Kingdoms. It is home to the Thorium Brotherhood, Dark Iron Dwarves, various types of fire elementals, golems and spiders. It is also home to seven rare spawns ranging from level 47-50.

Shleipnarr is a gorgeous fiery horse that looks exactly like the warlock Felsteed mount (my mount of choice for the warlock ground mounts). This rare is also very likely a reference to Sleipnir, the eight legged steed of Odin, one of the Norse gods. I hadn't realized this until I had read Navi's post: My favourite rare spawn(s). Here is the Wikipedia entry for Sleipnir for anyone curious: Sleipnir.

Both Slave Master Blackheart and Smoldar spawn underground in the Slag Pit, so if you don't run into them where their dots are on the map below - don't worry, they may still be up. If you don't use SilverDragon, just do a /target Slave Master and /target Smoldar to see if they are. Slave Master Blackheart spawns in the Slag Pit, right in front of the Quarry Gate. Smoldar spawns down in the lava pool right before you get to the Flamewraiths.

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Each of these rares in order by level, and as you'll find them in the world:

Faulty War Golem, Shleipnarr, Highlord Mastrogonde & Rekk'tilac
Scald, Slave Master Blackheart & Smoldar
WoW Ironman Challenger Ironsteve (the druid) taking each of these rares down. If he can do it, so can you!:

Update 2/15/13: There were seven new rares added to this zone in patch 5.1. To learn more about them, check out this post: Searing Gorge - Tamable Rares added in 5.1.


  1. WHY ISNT THE GIANT PIG- Hogzilla, ON THIS LIST?Is it not rare?While flying over on a gryffon ride, I saw it AND a Red Drake.They both seem pretty rare to me.Maybe you should add them.

    1. because this post was created before patch 5.1... I'm updating all the new rares added one zone at a time, with over 150 new additions it's going to take some time. I haven't gotten to this zone yet (which has 7 new rares btw). When I do I will post a link in this post with the additions mapped out.

      I can tell you Hogzilla was one of the new ones added, there isn't any rare drake that I'm aware of though. Did you happen to catch it's name?

  2. he's talking about the drake with the dwarf hunters, which you see as you take the fp to wherever, its not a rare, this dudes a retard

  3. whats the respawn time on smoldar?