Monday, July 23, 2012

Videos of each new type of Rare Champion in MoP

WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD!! Mists of Pandaria Beta Post:

After days of searching, I'm pretty sure I've found every new rare champion that currently can be found on the beta. (The Jade Forest is still offline.) That includes the Saurok as well, which are not yet included as part of the Glorious! Achievement.

The achievement as seen in the screenshot above, will definitely be changing in the near future I'm sure. Not only are Saurok missing, but there are two rares (Kal'tik the Blight and Urgolax) that are listed twice. When all of them are added in there will be over 50 rares! =)

I've gotten pretty familiar with fighting each type of champion, and I can say the toughest ones for me as a hunter were the Panaren and the Jinyu. Well, the Pandaren were not necessarily difficult as much as they were annoying. With only one silence, if they got two heals off in a row their health would reach full again and the fights would just last forever.

The Jinyu I found difficult because not only do you need to interrupt a spell that will kill whatever they are targeting, but they hit pretty hard as well. The lower level Jinyu that I came across weren't that bad, but the higher level ones I had to try often more than once to get them down. I also had to blow every cd. One of the fights I actually finished with about 1% of my health left. Yikes!

Anywho, I thought it would be nice to actually show you guys how each of these rares actually fight instead of just writing about it. So without further adieu, here is each type of rare pandarian champion in action:

Bananarang, Going Bananas, Toss Filth



Mogu Sorcerer:
Dark Bolt, Shadowbolt, Voidcloud

Mogu Warrior:
Devastating Arc, Summon Quilen, Titanic Strength


Saurok (not part of achievement yet):


As I mentioned in my previous post about these rares, I will be mapping out where you can find all of them by zone in the near future. Until then, stay tuned! ^-^


  1. Even though I'm avoiding most beta stuff I think I'll watch these as it might be the only time I get to see them, since I seem to be rare-challenged!

    1. Naaaaaah, your not rare-challenged Tome...they just run and hide when they see you coming! ;)

  2. Right after I said that I ran into Ban'Thalos, had him all to myself. Didn't get him don't know what I'm doing wrong. Kept getting a message something like "you can't do that while moving" when trying to tag him, in spite of the videos to the contrary. Apparently it just applies to my Hunter, lol.

    1. Oh noes Tome!!! D=

      Your poor hunter. I wish I could have seen what happened so I could give you some advise. Were you trying for the tree method?

    2. I gave up on getting on that tree, lol, and I had read doing the same thing on top of the stag statue would work so same method different location. She's so mad about it I don't think she's going to pick flowers for the rest of us!

    3. Nooooo! Never give up, never surrender!!! Yoooouu can dooooo eeeeeeet! Just try zooming your camera all the way in and pointing your camera straight down to get on top of the tree. That trick worked wonders for me. =)

  3. Wasn't that the phrase that Tim Allen said in Galaxy Quest?
    Anyway MoP comming soon 9/25/12 I think.