Friday, July 6, 2012

Stonetalon Mountains Rare Spawns

The Stonetalon Mountains are a range of peaks that lie between Ashenvale and Desolace. This zone is also home to five rares. 

Taskmaster Whipfang can be found on the scaffolding just north of Cragpool Lake, and if you look closely his weapons are two hot iron pokers. ;)

Nal'taszar, a neutral mob to both factions, shares the same model as the Sprite Darter Hatchling. I'd like to note that he does not drop the actual hatchling, the hatchling pet can be found in Feralas from the Sprite Darter Egg

Sorrow Wing is a lone blue wyvern that flies near the road by the Sludgewerks. He also looks like an unarmored version of the Armored Blue Wind Rider.

Brother Ravenoak, is a druid that can be found channeling a spell in front of the moonwell in Stonetalon Peak. Like Nal'taszar, he is attackable by both factions since the shattering.

Sister Riven can be found flying all by herself, and is the only harpy left in what remains of the Charred Vale. (One of the places I used to fear most when I began playing.)

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All five rares as you'll find them in the world. ~

Taskmaster Whipfang, Nal'taszar & Sorrow Wing
Brother Ravenoak & Sister Riven
WoW Ironman Challenger Ironsteva the warrior taking down each of these rares. ~


  1. Sparkwing is a level 27 Rare Beast that spawns in Boulderslide Cavern in Stonetalon Mountains, after entering the cave you simply follow the path upwards to a small pond and on an island in the centre is where it spawns.

    1. There are actually more than just that one added in 5.1. I covered them in this post: Stonetalon Mountains - Tamable Rares added in 5.1