Friday, February 15, 2013

Searing Gorge - Tamable Rares added in 5.1

Many zones in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms were given some rare love when patch 5.1 hit, Searing Gorge was one of them with seven new additions. Each of these new rares are beasts, and are therefore tamable. There are now fourteen rares total in this zone. You can see the other seven in this post: Searing Gorge Rare Spawns.

The only one of these beasts that requires beast mastery spec to tame is Slavermaw the devilsaur. Although he is only level 48, that still means he cannot be tamed until at least level 69. Slavermaw can be found patrolling in the mountains among a bunch of searing lava spiders north of The Cauldron. When he is up he is quite easy to spot because he's rather large. Slavermaw also shares the same model and color as King Mosh (the devilsaur in my header image).

Slavermaw isn't the only large and in charge rare addition to this zone, Hogzilla (oh how appropriately named) is also enormous. He spawns in front of the blocked off cave entrance in the far southwest end of the zone. During the Lunar Festival Elder Ironband stands right in front of where Hogzilla spawns. In the screenshot on the right (where Hogzilla is about to eat the poor elder) you can see a nice size comparison of the two. Hogzilla is the only tamable rare with this look outside of Razorfen Kraul.

Crystalback, the blue and white felboar, is also a pretty neat addition to the zone. This boar shares the same look as the Shard-Hide Boars on Ogri'la plateau in Blade's Edge Mountains. That means hunters can now have a pet with this look over 20 levels earlier.

Rexxus, the black mastiff, is the only dog with this look that can be tamed by non-worgen hunters before encountering the Onslaught Bloodhounds in Dragonblight. So like Crystalback, this look can be tamed over 20 levels earlier as well.

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Here are some screenshots of each of these rares in order by level. (Click on pictures to enlarge them.)

HogzillaRexxusScorpoxx & Slavermaw
AvisCrystalback & Snips

Each of these rares can be added to NPCScan. You can simply cut and paste this macro in game to add all of them automatically:

/npcscan add 50946 Hogzilla
/npcscan add 51048 Rexxus
/npcscan add 51002 Scorpoxx
/npcscan add 50846 Slavermaw
/npcscan add 50876 Avis
/npcscan add 50948 Crystalback
/npcscan add 51010 Snips


  1. Crystalback and Snips look amazing.

  2. should be here also

    1. Shleipnarr was not one of the tamable rares added in patch 5.1. I have however covered him in this post here.

  3. geez i hate waiting forever for the spawn

  4. 1h30 camping Rexxus... Still waiting for it

  5. you no longer need to be lvl 69 to tame exotics as a BM hunter

  6. just logged in and saw someone questing kill rexxus :( feel bad for abusing them lol