Friday, March 30, 2012

Feralas Rare Spawns

There are a total of 13 rare spawns that can be found in Feralas ranging from level 35 - 40. Three of these rares (Skarr the Broken, Mushgog and The Razza) used to spawn in the Dire Maul arena and drop blue-quality loot, including the notable Orb of Deception. Since the cataclysm they have been spread across the zone and now there are no rares that currently spawn in the arena. They also drop green quality loot since they've been moved.

Five of these rares are tamable by hunters, and The Razza is highly sought after by BM specced hunters because of his beautiful unique blue and white armored coloration. The Razza also has his own post on this blog where I have a little more information on him and some more screen shots for anyone interested. The other four tamable rares in the zone are not unique.

These rares do not share spawn timers, and their spawn times all seem pretty similar and range probably somewhere between 1-2+ hours. Like other low level rares they give a ton of experience for those leveling in the area.

Also I'd like to note that as far as I know, Diamond Head cannot currently be reached by characters that don't have a flying mount. He spawns in a pond at the top of the eastern plateau of the Twin Colossals. The only way up there for characters around his level post-cata would be through a summon or riding on the back of a friend's 2-seater flying mount.

Again, as promised here is a map showing where each of these rares spawns and/or patrols. ~
Click map to enlarge
Yet more screenies (in order by level & corresponding to the above map) ~
Mordei the Earthrender, Arash-ethis, Diamond Head & Lady Szallah
Bloodroar the Stalker, Old Grizzlegut, Antilus the Soarer & Gnarl Leafbrother
Mushgog, Qirot, Snarler, Skarr the Broken & The Razza

All of these rares in action and hunted down by Ironstevo (except Diamond Head who required a flying mount to get to). ~

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Hinterlands Rare Spawns

There are a total of ten rares in The Hinterlands. Two of them are not hostile, and those are Old Cliff Jumper and Ironback. Both of them are tamable by hunters, and Old Cliff Jumper even has his own unique skin. One of the rares in this zone also only appears hostile to Horde toons, and that is Jalinde Summerdrake. She cannot be attacked at all by those playing Alliance. 

Most of them stay in the exact spot where they spawn except for Grimungous who patrols along the cliff overlooking the shore, and Retherokk the Berserker who patrols up and down the steps of the Altar of Zul.

There are also not many special abilities that they use worth mentioning. If an Ironman can take them down, anybody can.

Again, as promised a color-coded map of where each rare spawns and patrols. ~
Click to Enlarge Map
Some visuals of each rare. (Name colors under pictures correspond to locations on the map above.) ~
Old Cliff Jumper, Ironback & The Reak
Grimunguos, Razortalon & Mith'rethis the Enchanter
Retherokk the Berserker, Witherheart the Stalker, Zul'arek Hatefowler & Jalinde Summerdrake

For anyone who would prefer to actually see these guys in action, check out the video below where Ironstevo kicks a little ass.~


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Western Plaguelands Rare Spawns

Western Plaguelands has a total of nine rares (10 if you include Putridius who is technically in Scholomance). All of them seem to be on similar spawn timers, which are roughly somewhere in the range of 30 minutes to 2 hours. They do not share spawn timers. As a matter of fact, one morning when I made my loop looking for them I found eight up out of the nine. 

None of them have any wild and crazy abilities worth noting. I was able to take all of them down easily at level with Ironstevo who is essentially naked and has no talent points. Like all low level rares, these all give an incredible amount of experience for toons around their level. If your interested in seeing just how much xp they give, check out the video at the bottom of this post.

As promised here is a color-coded map of where each of these rares can be found. I have also indicated each rare's level to the left of it's name. ~

Click to Enlarge Map
For those who prefer to see visuals of said rares, here are all of them completely unmolested just as you would find them out in the world. (Color coding with each rare's name under the pictures also correspond to the map above.) ~

The Husk, Foulmane & Scarlet High Clerist
Scarlet Interrogator, Scarlet Executioner & Scarlet Smith
Dreadwhisper, Lord Maldazzar & Scarlet Judge
For anyone who would like to see these rares in action (and killed by a warlock with 0 gear and talents) check out this video. ~


As someone was kind enough to mention in the comments, there is one additional rare in this zone that I forgot to mention, and that is Putridius the level 40 undead abomination. Putridius is technically in Scholomance (even though he is outside the actual instance). Because he isn't listed as actually being in WPL, he doesn't show up on SilverDragon or even on WoWhead's list of npc's that reside in Western Plaguelands. He's definitely still around though, and when he is up he's very easy to find. He doesn't patrol at all, he literally stands there right in the entryway before you turn left into the instance portal.

1/12/13 Update: This zone had ten new rares added in patch 5.1. To check them out please see this post: Western Plaguelands - Tamable Rares added in 5.1

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ironman Challenge Update ~ The Saga of Steves

I'd like to report that both Ironsteve and Ironstevo are still alive and each are busy hunting down a ton of rares. Ironstevo just hit level 40 this past weekend and he's going strong! He's a little more difficult than the hunter, but only slightly. Plus I think any added difficulty for me is really based mostly on my unfamiliarity with the warlock class. (I'm more of a mage kinda girl...)

Sad, squishy kitty

The new Ironsteve (druid) is doing alright, but I haven't been playing him as much as Ironstevo so he's still in his 20's. He is just so uber squishy I'll admit I'm actually a little nervous to play him. I have been playing him a little bit here and there, but far less than the lock and pretty much to find rares exclusively; where with Ironstevo I'm questing a bit as well.

In this post I'm not going to post a collage of Ironstevo or the new Ironsteve murdering rares again like I have previously (that was a lot of work). Instead throughout the next few weeks/months I'll be posting those rares by zones with information on where you can find all of them, any special abilities they have, and I've been working on some video footage of both Ironsteves hunting them down which will also be included.

Oh Fraps how I missed thee. Stay tuned! ^-^

Monday, March 12, 2012

Aeonaxx - Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake

Originally I wasn't going to write up a post on Aeonaxx, mainly because my first attempt at a blog (Find Aeonaxx) was entirely devoted to him and I already have a link to it on my sidebar. However, recently I've noticed a lot of traffic on that blog coming from this blog through the search term Deepholm, and figured it was about time I consolidate some information. 

For anyone unaware, Aeonaxx is a level 85 rare elite dragon that spawns in Deepholm and drops the coveted mount: Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake.  Aeonaxx is very similar to the Time-Lost Proto-Drake, as far as having a ridiculous spawn timer and sharing that spawn timer with another npc. The way to kill this rare though is quite different.

The Fight:

When Aeonaxx first spawns in he will appear friendly to players and the portrait around his head will show that of the typical silver dragon. Upon flying closer to him when you are in range a green "vehicle" arrow will appear. (See picture below.)

Click Image to Enlarge
Once you have mounted Aeonaxx, he will turn hostile and his portrait will turn into a golden "elite" dragon and the text on your screen will read "Kill Aeonaxx before his whelps overwhelm you." 

At this point you need to start working on Aeonaxx's health (approx. 774k) while paying attention to the whelps that will be periodically spawning around him. The whelps are very easy to kill, but make sure you take them down immediately because too many can be overwhelming. Aeonaxx does no actual damage himself, all damage comes from the whelps.

Once Aeonaxx is dead you will be given a parachute and then float to the ground where you will be able to loot his corpse. I would recommend slowing down dps toward the end of the fight in order to pick a safe spot to land. I imagine if he were to land halfway down a cliff looting him would be nearly impossible. Also landing on top of a bunch of hostile mobs could also serve to be dangerous.


To get a better idea of the actual fight you can watch this video below of my hunter finally finding Aeonaxx a couple of months ago. Her item level was roughly 380 and the fight took about one minute.


Aeonaxx's Evil Buddy...Blood Seeker:

Earlier I mentioned that Aeonaxx shared a spawn timer with another npc, that npc is the dreaded Blood Seeker, a level 15 bat. He is not labeled as a rare spawn and has no silver dragon portrait, but he is technically a rare because of the way he spawns. In the same way that Vyragosa is more likely to spawn than the Time-Lost Proto-Drake, Blood Seeker is far more likely to spawn than Aeonaxx. Blood Seeker used to spawn in and hang out tormenting us Aeonaxx campers for a good 5 minutes or so toward the beginning of the Cataclysm expension, now when he spawns in he only stays for about 10 seconds and then just disappears again. When Bloodseeker has been spotted you can take a break from camping for a few hours because of their shared spawn timer. For more information about Blood Seeker and adding him to npcscan check out this NPCScan post on my other blog.

Hate this little bat...
Spawn Points & Flight Pattern:

Aeonaxx has a total of six spawn locations.  I have seen unmounted Aeonaxx several times just after he spawned in five of the six spawn points and I observed very similar flight patterns each time. Aeonaxx was flying upward in small tight circles, never moving very far at all from the original spawn point. The spawn points have varying heights. For example, the SW1 spawn point is fairly low, but the SW2 spawn point is a little further up than the entrance to the Stonecore.

Spawn Timer:

The spawn timer on Aeonaxx seems to be between 6-22+ hours just like the Time-Lost Proto Drake / Vyragosa, and like I mentioned before Blood Seeker is far more likely to spawn than Aeonaxx.


Phasing does not affect UNMOUNTED Aeonaxx. Before Aeonaxx is mounted all players in ALL phases will be able to see Aeonaxx. However, once mounted Aeonaxx will enter the particular phase that that character is in.

My Own Experience:

I have killed Aeonaxx a total of three times now, and I've seen him mounted/unmounted many more times than that. My first experience killing Aeonaxx was actually on my husband's prot paladin at the beginning of Cataclysm and the fight took significantly longer than in the video above. I was grouped with my own shaman at the time hoping I'd be able to roll on the reins when they dropped if I were close enough. When I finally downed him on the pally my shaman was too far away to roll. After putting in a ticket a nice gm actually transferred the mount from the pally to my shaman and I was a happy girl. You can read the whole story on this post if your interested.

A few months ago after months of camping and a few misses I finally downed Aeonaxx on my hunter (see above video) and then only a few days after that I was lucky enough to get Aeonaxx again for my husband's druid.

The Phosphorescent Stone Drake Mount:

This, ladies and gentleman, is what the original Phosphoresct Stone Drake looked like (the image on top). Notice how the original mount showed the drake carrying it's passenger in it's front claws. In February of 2011 the bug was fixed, putting the passenger back in the saddle (this "fix" also got rid of the loud stomping the mount made when walking around that I loved so much.../cry). In patch 4.1 it was changed again (bottom image) to look a bit darker in color. My personal favorite will always be the original buggy ass Phosphorescent Stone Drake.

Phosphorescent Stone Drake Model Changes
This has been a relatively brief overview of Aeonaxx, if you'd like some more detailed information please check out my other blog Find Aeonaxx. I have a lot more info on npcscan, phasing issues, some of my own experiences and there are some great comments and discussions on there that you may want to check out as well.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Return of Ironsteve, and Introducing...Ironstevo!

When the original Ironsteve died I'll admit it, I was a little upset. When I created him I knew I'd more than likely be saying goodbye to him before he hit 85, but I can't help it...I pretty much always get attached to my characters. After a few days of mourning (actually busy 12hr work days irl) I decided to remake Ironsteve. This time around Ironsteve is a druid. ~

The next Ironsteve
This Ironsteve is super cute n' cuddly, however after a bit of game play with him I have a feeling he won't last very long. He seems super squishy, even in bear form. Even some green quests are proving difficult. Just the other day, Ironsteve ran off from Lieutenant Pyre while trying to do A Captain's Vengeance with literally TWO hp left. The quest was green at the time and I was being incredibly careful, but Ironsteve was still smacked up down and all around. I'm not giving up though, Ironsteve hit level 20 this afternoon and I'm going to try my darndest to get him to at least level 30!

Druid Ironsteve hits level 20..yay!
Squishiness aside, the new Ironsteve has been quite successful in hunting down most of the rare spawns where he is currently leveling, and they have proved to be a very large chunk of his experience thus far. He started leveling in Durotar and has since moved to Northern Barrens. Here are some of the rares he has found on his way to level 20. ~

Because I don't have a great deal of confidence in the new Ironsteve making it very far, I have created another toon to sort along side Ironsteve. This way, when the new Ironsteve eventually gets eaten by sharks with lazor beams I'll at least have a back up Steve that I won't have to level from scratch. So without further adieu I would like to introduce Ironstevo. ~

"Hi, I'm Ironstevo"
Ironstevo is a warlock, and he doesn't go anywhere without his trusty big blue poofy marsh-mellow pet. So far the leveling process from beginning to 20 has been far easier than the new druid Ironsteve. I am also having a lot more fun playing him...perhaps because I feel more safe? Maybe I just like pet classes, ultimately I don't know, but he was created only yesterday and he has already surpassed the new Ironsteve who I made about a week ago. This afternoon he hit level 20 while strolling through Silverpine Forest and is on his way to level 30.

Ironstevo is also a little bit better at finding rares than Ironsteve the druid is. On his journey from 1 - 20 he has found these guys wandering Tirisfal Glades and Silverpine Forest. ~

Between the two of these Ironsteves, I'm hoping that at least one makes it as far as the original Ironsteve. If neither do though, I don't think I'll be too upset because as I've said before, I'm having a BLAST doing this challenge - even if it is from the very beginning again. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ironsteve Say's Goodbye to the World...of Warcraft

Ironsteve met his end last night. It was an incredibly quick and painless death. It happened quite literally in the blink of an eye. I had just logged into the inn in Tanaris and was headed over to the flight-master so that I could head south and begin on some of the quests there, and naturally to look for some rares. Well...the flight-master who has been so friendly with me for the past year or so this time wasn't. I've been playing alliance for the past couple of years and never realized that this neutral town still had two separate flight masters for alliance and horde. Hell, as I write this I'm still not sure as to where the horde one is.

Here is a screenie of what can only be called a slaughter below~

RIP Ironsteve
I'm not angry about Ironsteve's death, I knew it would happen eventually. I am however pretty disappointed in myself. I was so SO incredibly careful for almost 53 levels and thought I really had a shot at making it a lot further. I went through incredible measures to avoid anything that could hurt Ironsteve, and then I had one moment of not quite paying attention.

I imagined that Ironsteve would die while attempting to take out some difficult rare with special abilities or from getting ambushed by handfuls of angry mobs...something epic. Well this was just about the exact opposite of the epic death I imagined, and it happened so fast I just sat here with my mouth open staring at the screen in shock.

Ironsteve's Last Rare Finds
Ironsteve was deleted immediately following his death. It was like pulling off a band-aid. I had gotten attached to Steve over the past couple of weeks, but I knew that this would be his eventual fate when he was created.

Ironsteve will be remade at some point in the near future. I am currently unsure if I will remake the exact same toon, or try something new entirely.

Whatever I do end up rolling though, my strategy will not change and I will continue tracking down as many rares as I can find.

Farewell Ironsteve

Friday, March 2, 2012

Ironsteve Hits 50 & Stumbles Upon a Few More Rares

Ironsteve is still alive! Well, as alive as one who is technically already dead can be I guess. He hit level 50 today and he's feeling pretty good! Normally at level 50 my toons would have some nice armor waiting for them or some other fun upgrades. All Ironsteve got was Mail Specialization, with Ironsteve's current stats it gives him a whole FIVE extra agility! Watch out, he'll be one killing machine now for sure!

Ironsteve did have a VERY close call with death yesterday. Before I get into exactly what happened with Steve let me give you a brief overview of the internet connection I have been playing on for the past year. My internet connection is like the weather. It changes daily. Mostly it's alright, but now and then I start loosing packets like a fiend and the next thing I know the world is waving bye bye to me. Other times I swear it just straight up turns itself off because it's lazy and just want's to be off. Sometimes I can go a whole week without any interruptions, other times I've been dc'd six or seven times in a two hour span. Usually it is only down for a minute or two, but a minute is all Ironsteve needs to become prematurely dead.

Yesterday Ironsteve was questing around in Eastern Plaguelands and he had just entered the Noxious Glade to begin working on a few quests. He was also looking for a rare named Hed'mush the Rotting while he was there. He carefully cleared his way through the first mobs in the area and even found the rare he was looking for sitting just beyond a few more pulls! Ironsteve began to pick off the mobs between him and Hed'mush, while at the same time watching the level 45 giant elite named Garginox patrolling the area close by. As Ironsteve started firing his gun at the next mob only a few feet away from Hed'mush, he noticed that it wasn't actually firing at all. It was just sort of "stuck". As that happened he also saw that Garginox was headed in his direction. Then he noticed that nothing in the world was interacting with him at all! In a panic Ironsteve ran to the outer wall of the canyon just hoping that somehow he'd live. Only moments later the evil screen of disconnectedness popped up and total panic set in.

Luckily the internet was only down for about a minute, and when I logged back in the mob that Ironsteve had begun attacking was dead. I'm sure Garginox patrolled right by where Ironsteve was standing but it looks like Ironsteve disappeared from the world before he was 2-shotted. THAT was close.

In other news, Ironsteve has found a few more rares since the last post, he even found Dart's Nest a couple of times while questing through Dustwallow Marsh, which gives the cute little mini pet Darting Hatchling!

Here is more rare spawn eye candy below for your viewing pleasure.

On a side note: I never thought this WoW Ironman Challenge would be so much fun. I can honestly say that I am looking at the game a lot differently than I normally would. When the final death can be around every corner (or over every cliff) you really start to notice things and are forced to be more aware or your surroundings. I think anyone trying to better themselves as a player could really benefit from this challenge.