Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Return of Ironsteve, and Introducing...Ironstevo!

When the original Ironsteve died I'll admit it, I was a little upset. When I created him I knew I'd more than likely be saying goodbye to him before he hit 85, but I can't help it...I pretty much always get attached to my characters. After a few days of mourning (actually busy 12hr work days irl) I decided to remake Ironsteve. This time around Ironsteve is a druid. ~

The next Ironsteve
This Ironsteve is super cute n' cuddly, however after a bit of game play with him I have a feeling he won't last very long. He seems super squishy, even in bear form. Even some green quests are proving difficult. Just the other day, Ironsteve ran off from Lieutenant Pyre while trying to do A Captain's Vengeance with literally TWO hp left. The quest was green at the time and I was being incredibly careful, but Ironsteve was still smacked up down and all around. I'm not giving up though, Ironsteve hit level 20 this afternoon and I'm going to try my darndest to get him to at least level 30!

Druid Ironsteve hits level 20..yay!
Squishiness aside, the new Ironsteve has been quite successful in hunting down most of the rare spawns where he is currently leveling, and they have proved to be a very large chunk of his experience thus far. He started leveling in Durotar and has since moved to Northern Barrens. Here are some of the rares he has found on his way to level 20. ~

Because I don't have a great deal of confidence in the new Ironsteve making it very far, I have created another toon to sort along side Ironsteve. This way, when the new Ironsteve eventually gets eaten by sharks with lazor beams I'll at least have a back up Steve that I won't have to level from scratch. So without further adieu I would like to introduce Ironstevo. ~

"Hi, I'm Ironstevo"
Ironstevo is a warlock, and he doesn't go anywhere without his trusty big blue poofy marsh-mellow pet. So far the leveling process from beginning to 20 has been far easier than the new druid Ironsteve. I am also having a lot more fun playing him...perhaps because I feel more safe? Maybe I just like pet classes, ultimately I don't know, but he was created only yesterday and he has already surpassed the new Ironsteve who I made about a week ago. This afternoon he hit level 20 while strolling through Silverpine Forest and is on his way to level 30.

Ironstevo is also a little bit better at finding rares than Ironsteve the druid is. On his journey from 1 - 20 he has found these guys wandering Tirisfal Glades and Silverpine Forest. ~

Between the two of these Ironsteves, I'm hoping that at least one makes it as far as the original Ironsteve. If neither do though, I don't think I'll be too upset because as I've said before, I'm having a BLAST doing this challenge - even if it is from the very beginning again. 


  1. Yay! Hello Ironsteve and Stevo! Don't tell my Ironman Druid Ferricat or she'll get mad but she is way squishier in either cat or bear form than my Warlock was.

    And the Warlock didn't have to get up close and personal with mobs like the Druid does so she had more of a head start when running away!

    The new Ironsteve seems to have taken after his predecessor in his skill for finding rares!

    1. It's amazing how much more dependent druids are (at least this day in age) on talent points for some survivability. I would have figured at least bear form would give steve a solid fighting chance but he's about as squishy in bear form as in cat it seems. o.O

      Either way though, I'm going to take it nice and slow on both toons and if there is something that I am even remotely unsure that Ironsteve can't down I will continue on my way.

  2. I am curious. Did you use the approach again?

    1. I did use the approach for Ironsteve the druid (minus the faction option because I enjoy my ironman guild on Earthen Ring).

      For Ironstevo I didn't. I chose to try the lock, and I also wanted him to look a little more like the original Ironsteve. It's one of the only classes I've never had a lot of experience (or real desire) playing and figured this would be a great way to get myself a little better at playing the class. So far I'm not regretting my decision. =)