Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ironman Challenge Update ~ The Saga of Steves

I'd like to report that both Ironsteve and Ironstevo are still alive and each are busy hunting down a ton of rares. Ironstevo just hit level 40 this past weekend and he's going strong! He's a little more difficult than the hunter, but only slightly. Plus I think any added difficulty for me is really based mostly on my unfamiliarity with the warlock class. (I'm more of a mage kinda girl...)

Sad, squishy kitty

The new Ironsteve (druid) is doing alright, but I haven't been playing him as much as Ironstevo so he's still in his 20's. He is just so uber squishy I'll admit I'm actually a little nervous to play him. I have been playing him a little bit here and there, but far less than the lock and pretty much to find rares exclusively; where with Ironstevo I'm questing a bit as well.

In this post I'm not going to post a collage of Ironstevo or the new Ironsteve murdering rares again like I have previously (that was a lot of work). Instead throughout the next few weeks/months I'll be posting those rares by zones with information on where you can find all of them, any special abilities they have, and I've been working on some video footage of both Ironsteves hunting them down which will also be included.

Oh Fraps how I missed thee. Stay tuned! ^-^

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  1. I know, my Druid Ironman is languishing somewhere around 30 as she's so squishy she's not much fun. I'm glad to hear Ironstevo is still going strong!