Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Darkshore Rare Spawns

Darkshore, a shadowy forest bordered by both mountains and sea, on the north western part of Kalimdor, is home to nine rares. These rares range from level 12 - 19, and for the most part are lower in level toward the northern end of the zone, and get higher in level as you move south. 

Shadowclaw and Strider Clutchmother are two notables in this zone as they can both be tamed by hunters. Shadowclaw is also a unique hunter pet and looks exactly like the alliance Striped Nightsaber mount, making him a nice find for lowbie hunters. He is stealthed, so he can literally sneak right up on you while looking for him if your around his level. Strider Clutchmother travels with two smaller tallstriders which will attack when she is attacked or if you try to tame her.

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All of these rare are on incredibly fast re-spawn timers, somewhere in the 10-15 minute range sounds about right. I actually leveled one of my ironman toons from level 12 to 24 on three rares in the zone without questing at all. As you can see from the screenshot below, I repeatedly killed Strider Clutchmother (20 times), Shadowclaw (49 times) and Lord Sinslayer (38 times). You can also see in the screenshot that Lord Sinslayer had last been seen only 9 minutes before I started attacking him in the shot. (I believe I was actually working on another blog entry while this toon waited shadowmelded for the re-spawns.) ;)

SilverDragon showing us just how often these guys are up
As usual, here are some screen shots of these rares in order by level, and exactly as you would find them in the world. ~

Lady Vespira, Shadowclaw & Flagglemurk the Cruel
Licillin, Strider Clutchmother & Lady Moongazer
Carnivous the Breaker, Firecaller Radison & Lord Sinslayer
One of my newest ironman toons (Ironsteva, warrior) taking them out. If she can do it, anyone can! ~

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  1. wow! that is so cool! this saturday ( may 4th, 2013. ), me a& my friend blackdeathwol ( or at least i think that's who i will be playing with. she has a night elf too. blackdeathwol is a worgen! ) & I are gonna go there! my worgen ( who has just gotten out of gilnaes.) is some were around fell woods! so i won't have to travel very far. But still, warcraft is so cool! i can bearly get through talking to my sister & brothers with out stopping & going, " ooooohhhhhhh!!!!! ". :>


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