Friday, March 30, 2012

Feralas Rare Spawns

There are a total of 13 rare spawns that can be found in Feralas ranging from level 35 - 40. Three of these rares (Skarr the Broken, Mushgog and The Razza) used to spawn in the Dire Maul arena and drop blue-quality loot, including the notable Orb of Deception. Since the cataclysm they have been spread across the zone and now there are no rares that currently spawn in the arena. They also drop green quality loot since they've been moved.

Five of these rares are tamable by hunters, and The Razza is highly sought after by BM specced hunters because of his beautiful unique blue and white armored coloration. The Razza also has his own post on this blog where I have a little more information on him and some more screen shots for anyone interested. The other four tamable rares in the zone are not unique.

These rares do not share spawn timers, and their spawn times all seem pretty similar and range probably somewhere between 1-2+ hours. Like other low level rares they give a ton of experience for those leveling in the area.

Also I'd like to note that as far as I know, Diamond Head cannot currently be reached by characters that don't have a flying mount. He spawns in a pond at the top of the eastern plateau of the Twin Colossals. The only way up there for characters around his level post-cata would be through a summon or riding on the back of a friend's 2-seater flying mount.

Again, as promised here is a map showing where each of these rares spawns and/or patrols. ~
Click map to enlarge
Yet more screenies (in order by level & corresponding to the above map) ~

Mordei the Earthrender, Arash-ethis, Diamond Head & Lady Szallah

Bloodroar the Stalker, Old Grizzlegut, Antilus the Soarer & Gnarl Leafbrother
Mushgog, Qirot, Snarler, Skarr the Broken & The Razza

All of these rares in action and hunted down by Ironstevo (except Diamond Head who required a flying mount to get to). ~


  1. Ironstevo is wasting no time! I couldn't resist and looked him up in the armory! Ironsally is so rooting for her fellow Warlock.

    1. Omg Ancient I'm having SOOO so so so much fun playing him!!! ^-^ Going to be able to hit outland soon too! I'm a little afraid of what certain doom that my bring, but hey -- it's an adventure!