Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Desolace Rare Spawns

Desolace, a zone that was once a barren wasteland littered with bones, has been given a breath of new life since the Shattering. Desolace sits on the western coast of Kalimdor, just south of Stonetalon Mountains and north of Feralas. There are half a dozen rares ranging from level 31-34 that call Desolace their home.

Crusty the crab is the only rare in this zone with a large patrol route. He is also the only neutral rare in this zone, and he's tamable by hunters. He even has his own post on this blog here: Crusty.

The rest of the rares in this zone have multiple spawn points in different general areas, but they do not move between these points once spawned in.

Hissperak the Basilisk will also be tamable in MoP, and his colors will be changing slightly to purple/pinkish accents instead of blue. I believe he will also have a unique skin. =)

Hissperak's new color scheme in MoP
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Each of these rares as you'll find them in the world, in order by level.

Giggler, Prince Kellen & Crusty
Hissperak, Accursed Slitherblade & Kaskk
Hunting down these rares on WoW Ironman Challenger Ironsteva. ~

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