Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Basilisks (Tamable in MoP) Get a Makeover

With the addition of basilisks as a new hunter pet family in Mists of Pandaria, a very large number of them across the world will be getting face-lifts. This change will affect at least four rare basilisks including Scale Belly, Hissperak, Hellgazer and Deatheye.

Not only do each of these rares get a nifty new look, but it also looks like they will each be getting their own unique look. I personally like these new skins and am quite fond of the pinkish-purple accents they'll be getting. For anyone who preferred the old skins, they will still be available elsewhere. 

Here are the before and after models of each of these rare basilisks:

Scale Belly - level 31, Cape of Stranglethorn

Hissperak - level 32, Desolace
Hellgazer - level 46, Tanaris
Deatheye - level 56, Blasted Lands


  1. Love the before and after shots :D

  2. Ooh. I didn't think I liked basilisks but both Scale Belly and Deatheye are sparking my interest. I think my poor hunter is going to have to make some hard choices.

    1. Haha, I know how you feel. I was unimpressed when I heard we'd be able to tame basilisks at first, but now that they've added all these fun skins...I'm going to have to pick one out to tame for sure.

      I'll probably end up taming looks like he got in a fight with a rainbow and lost. ;)