Friday, October 7, 2011


Naraxis Tamed

Naraxis is a level 21 rare red spider that can be found in a cave east of Darkshire in Duskwood. She is easy to find when she's up because she spawns in that cave only, and doesn't patrol or really move much at all. 

She drops the typical green item and a fairly decent amount of experience for leveling characters.

She would also make a nice hunter pet for low level hunters. There are only 2 other spiders in the game that share this model and color. Those are Mother Fang, a level 9 rare in Elwynn Forest and Terokkarantula, a level 65 elite quest npc in Terokkar Forest. 

Naraxis can be found with NPCScan, but it isn't really necessary as she doesn't move from the location that she spawns at. If you do choose to add it, her NPCScan ID is 574.

Before the Cataclysm her spawn timer was somewhere between 5-8 hours. I believe it has since been significantly reduced.


  1. Wheres Lightningpaw the little fox that looks like Skoll?

    1. He spawns in *some* of the bushes with flashing eyes on the western side of Duskwood. I'll be writing a separate post on him shortly.