Saturday, September 3, 2011

King Krush

The King Untamed
King Krush unique-skinned level 75 rare green Devilsaur with approximately 42.5k hp. He can be found in Sholazar basin patrolling in three different locations which are indicated in red on the map below. He is one of three rares located in this zone, all of which are unique tamable hunter pets. The other two rares are Loque'nahak (spirit cat) and Aotona (parrot).

Unfortunately for all of the hunters out there looking to tame him, he is part of the Northern Exposure and Frostbitten achievements so people will be hunting him down intent on killing him. He was the rare that I actually received my Frostbitten achievement on. 

He drops King's Eyesocket which is a level 74 bind on equip ring with a random enchant. Like other Northrend rares, he also drops Abandoned Adventurer's Satchel, which generally contains about 20 gold, a full stack of frostweave cloth, and often times a few crystallized elements.

He is unfortunately part of the Frostbitten Achievement, way to go Blizz I didn't want to kill him
King Krush is a tamable hunter pet. Please note that because he is a hunter pet that even though you may not have seen him before in Sholazar Basin it doesn't mean that he isn't already cached by NPCScan. If a hunter has this tamed pet out near you, your NPCScan will cache it. If it is cached in NPCScan and this rare is up your alert will not go off. Be sure to check and clear your cache often!

King Krush is an exotic pet, he can only be tamed by hunters that have the top-tier talent from the Beast Mastery tree Beast Mastery which allows the taming of exotic pets.

Note to hunters attempting to tame this guy:

He is immune to traps. This guy will walk right over them like they aren't even there.

He fears. He feared my hunter like 8 million times and had me running around all willy nilly into everything in the zone when I tamed him. I was on a level 85 toon so I was never in danger of dying, but it sure was annoying as heck.

He hits hard for his level.

People trying to tame him closer to his level will need to take some precautions. Using a "trash" pet to use up his fear I hear works quite well. Tame something close by, send in the pet and wait for it to be feared. Once the pet is feared, abandon it and immediately begin the tame. Using a core hound as a trash pet would be even more helpful if you have one, as you could pop ancient hysteria for the extra haste buff right before abandoning and beginning the tame.

Having a priest toss a fear ward on you would also be helpful if there is one nearby willing to help.

Killing him for Frostbitten Achievement:

Nubby Hunter Tame:


  1. Can't find him on the NPCScan list, will it still go off? If not how to I find his ID#? any help would be great ty :D

    1. His ID should already be on there under the Northrend section, if it isn't for some reason his ID# is 32485.

      You can find a creature's NPC ID by looking at the number in the url for that particular NPC's wowhead page. The number is generally 4-5 characters long, and follows just after npc=. For example, King Krush's url is:

      Hope that helps! :)

  2. A friend found him for me and as I was taming him his pet accidentally killed him..... still on the search again

  3. What addon you use to find them ?