Sunday, September 4, 2011


Nix is a level 17 rare yellow firefly that can be found in the middle of the Zone just north east of the small bit of water left in the dried up Loch in Loch Modan. He patrols the area with a bunch of other fireflies and is easy to spot because he is much larger than them and he is yellow where they are green. 

He is especially desirable as a hunter pet for low level hunters as he is the only tamable yellow firefly in the game before the level 62 Bogflare Needlers in Zangarmarsh.

Nix is one of 5 rare tamable hunter pets in this zone. All of them are:
Ashtail, level 16 bluish-grey fox
Gosh-Haldir, level 15 green crocolisk
Lord Condar, level 17 white condor
Nix, level 17 yellow firefly
Shanda the Spinner, level 18 grey tarantula

Nix can be found with NPCScan. You will need to add it, his NPCScan ID is 45402.

You can also use this macro to help find and tame this guy:
/tar Nix
/stopmacro [noexists]
/cast Tame Beast

Although Nix is rare, I believe that he is on a pretty short spawn timer, probably somewhere in the 2 hour range at the peak.

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