Monday, June 6, 2011


Jadefang Untamed, Tamed, & Non-Combat Companion pet
Jadefang is a non-elite, non-aggressive tamable rare found in Deepholm who if killed drops the Tiny Sale Spider companion pet. Here is a screenshot below of the Tiny Shale Spider pet. Please note that Jadefang can also be tamed by hunters.

The spawn timer on Jadefang seems to be between approximately 6-12 hours.

Jadefang can be found at 61.3, 22 in Deepholm in the Crumbling Depths. In the screenshot below the tiny blue square on the map indicates where this is. The entrance is located at 58.3, 25.8. Note: It is possible for NPCScan to pick up Jadefang while not inside the tunnel. Mine went off once while I was flying toward Therazan's Throne just above the spawn point.

Jadefang is not an easy rare to get to. There are only a few ways to get to Jadefang. Probably the easiest way is to get the Underground Economy daily quest from Ricket. This is a goblin NPC located just inside the Crumbling Depths. (This quest will only become available after you have completed the entire quest line in Deepholm leading up to the Therazane dailies.) You will need the Bombs from this quest to get to Jadefang. This daily quest is not available every day. I actually recommend grabbing this quest when it is up and coming back on a day when it isn't. This makes it a little less likely that other people will be able to get to Jadefang on that day. Follow the path further inside, once you are past the Colossal Gyreworm you will be in a large chamber. Head into the tunnel on the right side (see screen shot below).

Once you are inside that tunnel keep to the left until you get to a ledge and the scenery looks like what is pictured below. (This is also the same ledge pictured in the screen shot above, however in that screen shot it is looking directly at it straight on.)

This is where you will need the bombs you got from Ricket. You are going to have to use them to throw yourself into the cave. You will need to place a bomb on the ground in front of you. When the bomb detonates, it will knock you away from it at a high speed and height. What you are going to need to do is place the bomb directly in front of you while your back is facing Jadefang's cave. You can face the cave or face the bomb, it doesn't mater so long as you are close to the bomb, and between the bomb and Jadefang's cave. The closer you are to the edge, the better shot you have at getting where you want to be. Spamming your jump button does nothing here, all that matters is placement. Please see the video below demonstrating the jump from the ledge and the kill.

I have read that engineers can get to Jadefang as well with their Rocket Boots when they malfunction and that Goblins can use their Rocket Jump racial. These methods require a lot more time and practice (and luck) to get right. I personally recommend the bomb method.

I also helped a friend get to Jadefang recently that didn't have the daily by dying just outside Jadefang's cave entrance with my night elf priest. I rezzed on the ledge and used my Leap of Faith to pull her to me.

For your viewing pleasure I have another video below that demonstrates how NPCScan and Silverdragon will both pick up Jadefang from outside the cave and exactly how to get to him.

And the hunter tame:


  1. yes all this is good, but the easiest way to get him has not been mentioned. you can get him without having the daily. simple really, if you are a night elf that is, or have a night elf that will help you and have the guild perk "have group will travel" just have the night elf go below the cave where jadefang spawns. pull a couple of gyroworms and let them kill you. and in whisp form fly up to the cave where jadefang is. rez, then summon whomever want jadefang to the cave. there ya go, tame or kill its up to you.

  2. I am a night elf and that was very helpful, but Jadefang was not there.:( So I guess i am stuck camping for a while. BTY, I've been using this blog to find the rare NPCs and this is most helpful. Thank you for creating this and keep it up!

    1. Glad I've been able to help you out, I hope you get him soon! ^-^

    2. Where is this place at. Northrend, Dalaran. Where is this place at