Saturday, June 27, 2015

My Fantastic New Fel Friend (How to Tame a Green Fel Wolf in Tanaan Jungle)

Yesterday I managed to tame myself an amazingly awesome new pet in Tanaan Jungle - a beautiful green fel wolf. I LOVE her. She matches my little Fel Pup perfectly. Heck, she even matches the transmog I've been sporting for the past few weeks! I strolled around with her triumphantly through Lion's Watch after my victory and promptly received a whisper asking how I was able to make her mine. After explaining the details to my fellow hunter, I figured I'd post them here as well for anyone who may have missed this little hunter treat. Oh, and I almost forgot - the best thing about this pet is that you don't even have to be a Beast Mastery spec hunter to tame & enjoy!

Tamed Felbound Wolf & Fel Pup
You see, wolves with this skin and color have never been tamable prior to patch 6.2. I've been watching these lovelies wander the woods outside my garrison since beta, but have never been able to tame one because they are technically 'aberrations'. Well in the latest patch there was a brand new item introduced that will allow you to tame one of these awesome looking animals for one minute. This item is called the Vial of Fel Cleansing.

Fel Rangari Anaara
The vial drops off of an elite mob in Tanaan Jungle named Fel Rangari Anaara. You can find her sitting atop a mushroom on the shore directly south of Fang'Rila (54.0, 92.6).  Now before you just run up to her and start pew pewing, there are a few things that you should know. She is definitely not a pushover. This npc was designed to be killed by a hunter, and she is what I would call a 'hunter challenge' - a very fun one! She uses several abilities, for which you will need to use specific hunter skills to counter.
Before you engage her I advise clearing some of the wandering crabs nearby on the beach so that you don't pick up adds during the fight. While your clearing be on the lookout for Sand-Encrusted Egg lying on the beach. This item will give you a 10 minute +5% stat increase buff. Hey, every little bit helps! Don't forget to use your garrison ability too, she has a lot of health to burn through.

If you end up having trouble and need help taking her down, make sure you enlist the help of a fellow hunter friend and not another class. (She will make very quick work of any non-hunters who try to help.)

Once you have your vial, there are two areas in Tanaan Jungle where you can find a Felbound Wolf to tame: The Temple of Sha'naar, and the woods just north of Vol'mar. (If you don't yet have a Fel Pup, I advise going to The Temple of Sha'naar to see if Ceraxas is up. When this rare is killed a cute little pup spawns in the area with the quest: A Fel Puppy of My Own. This little pet will match your new wolf SO well! <3)

*Make sure you have an empty pet slot before you use the vial! The de-buff that the vial applies to the wolf you choose will only last one minute. It would stink to have to abandon a treasured pet to be able to complete the tame (or to have to fight Rangari Anaara again for another vial). I would also advise taming in an area without a lot of people in it to ensure that your chosen wolf doesn't get targeted by another player who happens to be questing nearby.

All locations discussed above are pictured on the map below:

Click map to Enlarge

Happy Hunting! <3 E


  1. Hey, great post and congrats on your new addition. :)

    1. Thanks Cym! I'm always excited to add another green pet to my collection. :)

  2. Congrats and can't wait to see more posts on the WoD rares

    1. Thanks, dunno how many more I'll do (as I have a lot of time constraints due to RL things going on right now), but you never know!

  3. great tips! got my wolf too!

  4. Ty for the amazing post. Im omw to get this done now.