Sunday, July 5, 2015

How to get the "Predator" Title

A few days ago I read an article on Blizzard Watch talking about how to get the Predator title in Tannan Jungle. As soon as I saw this title I knew I HAD to have it for myself. I love titles, and this one especially I just had to have floating over my head. (Plus I also love a good rare-related challenge!) According to the article, you would need to be randomly ported to the demon Xemirkol by using the item: Master Hunter's Seeking Crystal. Upon killing him, you'll receive the Predator Achievement and corresponding Predator title. Although you will need the Crystal to reach Xemirkol, I found out that there is a little more to reaching him than just having the Crystal and being lucky.

After a few days of scouring Wowhead comments on pages related to this achievement and talking with people in game, I was able to figure out how to pretty much guarantee myself a port to Xemirkol. Here is what you'll need to do if your seeking out this title for yourself:

I used my crystal repeatedly over the past couple of days (before finishing the Jungle Stalker achievement and reaching exalted with Order of the Awakened) and was never once ported to Xemirkol. I also used it many times after completing the Jungle Stalker achievement, still with no luck. Then, last night I used several Medallion of the Legion to hit exalted with Order of the Awakened and was immediately ported to Xemirkol on the next use of my crystal.

Once you have all three of the above listed requirements covered you will be guaranteed a port to Xemirkol when you use your crystal, but only if he's alive. He absolutely IS on a shared timer, and it's a long one. If someone on your server has killed him recently you will have to wait for him to re-spawn before your crystal will send you to his platform. Just keep using it every 15 minutes when the cooldown is up, and you should eventually be ported to him. (Alternatively you could always hop onto another realm and try again if it doesn't work on the first try.)
If you end up porting to his platform and he is already engaged, ask if you can join the group killing him. His tag is a personal one, so simply attacking him without being grouped with the one who initiated the fight will not get you the title. If the other faction is taking him out then you are out of luck for the time.
The fight with Xemirkol is a little on the tough side if you aren't properly geared. I was able to defeat him with my ilevel 675 survival hunter, but it was not easy. I had to feign death and try again after initially engaging him. (I may have underestimated him a bit.) You'll need to move a lot to avoid his Shadow Crash and the Shadow Zone it leaves behind on the ground. He also casts Mind Blast and Carrion Blast which has a knockback. He kept knocking my pet off of the platform (I simply called him back each time). Apparently he can knock players off as well, so don't fight him too close to the edge and have your back facing the wall just in case. If you do get knocked off though, or fail to kill him, you can always use your crystal to find him again. He has a lot of health, 2617k to be exact. To burn through it more quickly be sure to use your garrison ability. Also bring some pots with you! (I forgot to stock up and had none for the fight. It would have been far easier had I been able to pop a quick healing potion.)
The toughest part of obtaining this title for me was probably hunting down every last rare in Tanaan Jungle for the Jungle Stalker achievement. My best advise for making that part easier is to be sure to pick up your Master Hunter's Seeking Crystal as soon as you hit revered with Order of the Awakened. Use it whenever it is not on cooldown. I was able to check a LOT of rares off of the list by using it while questing and exploring. If you are having trouble finding certain rares, use the group finder to server hop. Seriously, the group finder is one of your best friends here. A lot of friendly people open their garrisons for server hopping with open invites - just hop around from server to server in the area where the rare you are looking for spawns. Often times you'll find it right away. I do NOT however advise hopping to any and every group listed in the group finder. This is straight up rude. Using open garrisons should leave more than enough servers to hop through.
If any of the information I have provided changes, or new points become known I will update it right here in this post.
Happy Hunting!

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