Friday, July 12, 2013

Southern Barrens Rare Spawns

My last post covered the numerous rares in Northern Barrens. Well, now we'll be crossing the Great Divide into the Southern Barrens which contains 10 rares ranging in level from 30 - 36.

Tamable Rares

Three of the rares you can find in Southern Barrens are tamable, and one of them even has a totally unique look. Silithid Harvester, the green and pink beetle, was given a quite a make-over when Cataclysm hit. He used to be a bluish-green silithid, and has since transofrmed into what you see today. He is the only beetle currently in game with that color-scheme. You can find this big green bug just outside of Desolation Hold to the north.

Azzere the Skyblade, the red wind serpent (pictured on the right), does not have a unique look, but he is the lowest level tamable wind serpent in that color. He has a rather large patrol route just south of the Ruins of Camp Taurajo.

Snort the Heckler, the purple hyena, also does not sport a unique look. However he is the lowest level tamable purple hyena that you will find before hitting the hyenas in Tanaris. These days you can find Snort standing in the center of some large bones east of Vendetta Point.

Non-Tamable Rares

The rest of the rares in this zone are quilboars and dwarves. The four dwarves each have their very own title, and can be found in and around the Bael Modan dig. I took a screenshot and circled exactly where each of these guys can be found to make their spawn points a little more clear. (Scroll to bottom of post to see it.) Note that these dwarves are also friendly toward Alliance players.
Click map to Enlarge
Here are some screenshots of each of these rares in order by level. (Click on pictures to enlarge them.)

Azzere the Skyblade, Snort the Heckler, Geopriest Gukk'rok & Swinegart Spearhide
Digger Flameforge, Malgin Barleybrew & Silithid Harvester
Captain Gerogg Hammertoe, Heggin Stonewhisker & Hagg Taurenbane
All of these rares can be added to NPCScan. You can simply cut and paste these two macros in game to add all of them automatically:

Close-Up of the rare locations in Bael Modan (Click to Enlarge)
/npcscan add 5834 Azzere the Skyblade
/npcscan add 5829 Snort the Heckler
/npcscan add 5863 Geopriest Gukk'rok
/npcscan add 5864 Swinegart Spearhide
/npcscan add 5849 Digger Flameforge
/npcscan add 5848 Malgin Barleybrew

/npcscan add 3253 Silithid Harvester
/npcscan add 5851 Captain Gerogg Hammertoe
/npcscan add 5847 Heggin Stonewhisker
/npcscan add 5859 Hagg Taurenbane


  1. Azzere the Skyblade is so pretty!

    1. He really is! However I totally fell in love with this color for that model recently. Ultra shimmery and cool-looking!!!

  2. I just really wish I could tame a quilboar sort of as a sidekick.

    1. We should totally be able to. I mean, they are half-pigs right? Close enough.

  3. You forgot Scruff?? Wierd looking rare boar, found him at (roughly) 29.5 44.5 Near where Dustwallow Marsh mets Southern Barrens. Really nice blackish-gray with silver-turquoise trim.
    I'd do a pic but not sure how to do them for here.

    I think he just became my stock boar replacement now.

    1. I'm going to cover him when I do Dustwallow Marsh. :)

  4. over an hour waiting for luck