Thursday, July 18, 2013

Azshara Rare Spawns

The Evalchar - Tamed
Azshara is a level 10 - 20 zone that became a starter area for Goblins post-shattering. It's also totally shaped like the horde symbol, seriously - look at the map! How did that even happen anyway? It's crazy. Anywho, Azshara has a total of seven rares. Two of them are tamable, but only Scalebeard (the blue & yellow turtle) can be tamed by hunters leveling in the area.

The Evalcharr (pictured on the right) is also tamable - but he is an exotic pet, and therefore can only be tamed by hunters who are at least level 69 and in Beast Mastery spec. The Evalcharr is also a unique pet; meaning there are no other tamable chimearas in game that share his exact model and color.

I've stated this in the past, but I'd like to remind people that rares give a ton of xp for leveling toons. If your questing near any of their spawn points, it's definitely worth it to go out of the way a bit to see if their up.

Click map to Enlarge
Here are some screenshots of each of these rares in order by level. (Click on pictures to enlarge them.)
Varo'then's Ghost, General Fangferror, Gatekeeper Rageroar & Scalebeard
Lady Sesspira, Antilos & The Evalcharr
All of these rares can be added to NPCScan. You can simply cut and paste this macro in game to add all of them automatically:

/npcscan add 6118 Varo'then's Ghost
/npcscan add 6650 General Fangferror
/npcscan add 6651 Gatekeeper Rageroar
/npcscan add 13896 Scalebeard
/npcscan add 6649 Lady Sesspira
/npcscan add 6648 Antilos
/npcscan add 8660 The Evalcharr


  1. OMG! It is! How did I never see that!

  2. I came across this post years later as I wanted to update myself to the area. If you play the Goblin starter area, the Goblin Prince discusses how they are terraforming Azshara to look like the Horde symbol so the WHOLE WORLD will know who is the greatest. So the answer is: the goblins did it on purpose as their gift to the Horde.