Monday, July 29, 2013

The Cape of Stranglethorn Rare Spawns

The Cape of Stranglethorn, the southern half of what used to be Stranglethorn Vale, is home to a total of five rares.

Tamable Rares:

Scale Belly, the blue and purple basilisk (pictured on the right), had a completely different look pre-MoP. He used to be a generic looking yellow basilisk with blue accents. The paint job he sports now is totally unique, making him a pretty desirable pet for low level hunters. I'm sure someone could even come up with a cool transmog to match him (yeah, mine clashes big time I know). 

Scale Belly used to be famous for dropping the Chromatic Sword. This sword has a very unique multi-color glow effect. Unfortunately he no longer drops the sword, and it cannot currently be obtained by any means in game. Well, let me take that back, technically you could still find one on the AH from someone who still has it and never equipped it - where in that case I'm guessing it would cost a fortune.

Kurmokk, the red gorilla, is also tamable. Unlike Scale Belly, he does not have a unique model. He is the lowest level tamable gorilla of this color though, and the only red one in Stranglethorn.

Non-Tamable Rares:

If you look closely at Lord Sakrasis, you will notice that he's wearing a Purple Trophy Tabard of the Illidari (well, the top half of one at least). He spawns across the rope bridge in front of the holy spring on the Naga Island.

Verifonix got a heck of a face-lift after the shattering, and is no longer hostile. He is also in a new location, all by his lonesome self by the roadside just outside of the Gurubashi Arena. Killing him rewards a small amount of reputation with Booty Bay.

Rippa, the rare frenzy in Booty Bay harbor, is one nastly little fellow. He is the same level as he was pre-cataclysm, and because of this he is much higher level than other mobs in the zone. People in their 30's leveling through should be careful not to fall off the docks and walkways; the consequences could be dire.

Click  map to Enlarge
Here are some screenshots of each of these rares in order by level. (Click on pictures to enlarge them.)
Lord Sakrasis, Scale Belly & Kurmokk
Verifonix & Rippa
All of these rares can be added to NPCScan. You can simply cut and paste this macro in game to add all of them automatically:

/npcscan add 2541 Lord Sakrasis
/npcscan add 1552 Scale Belly
/npcscan add 14491 Kurmokk
/npcscan add 14492 Verifonix
/npcscan add 14490 Rippa


  1. Totally unrelated to those gorgeous pets but I have a chromatic sword in my bank (the bf and I are hoarders since BC) that I never equipped..! I didn't know they removed it from being obtained. Woah!

    1. Oh man, I'd LOVE to find one of those on one of my old toons. If I were you I'd either make a kick-ass transmog with that baby or sell it for top dollar. If you do choose to sell it, you may want to take a look at this first. :)

      Congrats on your find!!

    2. Thanks so much for the heads up! (I'd not used undermine before, but those prices! Omg.) Will think very carefully before selling it, for sure. :)


  2. how long does it take for scale belly to respawn? i found him dead in the cave :/