Monday, February 18, 2013

Burning Steppes Rares Spawns - Including Tamable 5.1 Rares

When patch 5.1 hit the number of rares in Burning Steppes doubled. Deathmaw used to be the only tamable rare in this zone, but with the addition of nine new beasts there are now ten interesting rare pets here to choose from! There are even a couple with completely unique looks.

Sunwing - Tamed
Tamable Rares:

The most notable one is probably Sunwing, the absolutely gorgeous black dragonhawk (pictured on the right). Before patch 5.1 Sagan was the only dragonhawk in game with this beautiful coloration. Being the pet of an npc however, he was not tamable. Well now with a little bit of patience (or luck) this pretty pet can be yours. He spawns in the far southwestern part of the zone, between the mountains west of Flamestar Post. You'll know your in the right area when you see a bunch of scorpids and worgs wandering around. Now unfortunately with CRZ and this being a fairly busy questing location, some camping may be necessary to find this guy alive. When he does spawn in he will be flying high above the ground - not so high though that your tame beast won't reach.

Chiaa, the black and yellow spiked wind serpent, also has a totally unique look. You can find him in the mountains just north of Blackrock Stronghold. He is extremely easy to spot when hes up not just because of his color, but because he's fairly large as well (see size comparison in the screenshot at the end of this post).

Although not unique, Favored of Isiset (the black and white two-headed vulture) is a fairly rare skin in that it only shares this look with one other mob in the game. That mob is Trachela, a quest npc required for the quest Torgos! in Terokkar Forest.

Heading to Molten Core to tame yourself a red corehound? Check to see if Magmagan is up first. He is now the lowest level tamable red corehound, and you can find him wandering just outside Blackrock Mountain near the lava behind Blackrock Stronghold. (Do note, he is exotic and requires beast mastery spec to tame.)

Ornat, the red nether ray, is one of only two nether rays with this look that can be tamed before encountering the Netherskate nether rays in Shadowmoon Valley. The only other tamable nether ray of this color is Blackbog the Fang (also a rare), you can find him in Felwood.

There are also two neat-looking ravagers, a dark green one (Venomspine) and red one (Azelisk). Each of these are colors that won't be common until reaching Hellfire Peninsula.

Deathmaw, the long-time tamable rare in this zone, used to have a unique look prior to patch 5.1. He now shares the same model and coloration with another rare worg named Grovepaw in Felwood. Deathmaw has long been known for his barking and making other random worg-type sounds when clicking on him. He also matches perfectly with one of the colors that the Worg Pup can summon in as.

Non-Tamable Rares:

Hmmm, not going to spend too much time on these guys. So here's the down low - Volchan is a rare elite, most people probably won't notice the difference, but my ironman toon sure did. The dude nearly killed him, so he does indeed seem to hit a little harder than a normal rare. Terrorspark is flippin' huge for a grell, and he no longer spawns in the trenches - you can find him just outside the trenches now. Hahk'Zor can be found all the way at the end of the Firegut Furnace (the lowest and most western cave entrance will get you there). Also, his name makes me lol.

Click map to Enlarge
I have screenshots below of each of these rares in order by level. The ones with the stars in the bottom left hand corner are the new tamable rares added in patch 5.1. The colors of the stars correspond to where they can be found on the map above.

VolchanAzeliskCatal & Deathmaw
Favored of IsisetGorgon'ochOrnat & Sunwing
Thauris BalgarrVenomspineGruklashHematos & Jaxx the Rabid
MagmaganTerrorsparkChiaaHahk'Zor & Malfunctioning Reaver

All of these rares can be added to NPCScan. You can simply cut and paste these macros in game to add all of them automatically:

"Whoa, Nelly! Your BIG!"
/npcscan add 10119 Volchan
/npcscan add 50725 Azelisk
/npcscan add 50807 Catal
/npcscan add 10077 Deathmaw
/npcscan add 50810 Favored of Isiset
/npcscan add 9604 Gorgon'och
/npcscan add 50361 Ornat
/npcscan add 50357 Sunwing

/npcscan add 8978 Thauris Balgarr
/npcscan add 50730 Venomspine
/npcscan add 8979 Gruklash
/npcscan add 8976 Hematos
/npcscan add 50855 Jaxx the Rabid
/npcscan add 50842 Magmagan
/npcscan add 10078 Terrorspark
/npcscan add 50792 Chiaa

/npcscan add 9602 Hahk'Zor
/npcscan add 8981 Malfunctioning Reaver


  1. Ooh I suspected the black dragonhawk might be new when I flew over him yesterday (on Priest and flight plan sadly)! Very exciting, I love dragonhawks. :) And Chia is quite nice and sunny too!

    1. I see him up quite often on flight paths. Unfortunately once landed though the darn CRZ stuff kicks in and he disappears. :(

    2. Ah bum, yeah. Always forget about CRZ :(

  2. What I wouldn't give to be able to tame Gorgon'och for a Hunter pet but I guess that's not going to happen!

    1. I wish I could tame Hematos. Now that would be a badass pet!

  3. what is the respawn time for sun wing?

    1. In my experience when I camped these guys it was around 2-4 hours give or take. Not sure if that has changed though.

  4. Magmagan can not be tamed just tryed

    1. Yes he can, you just need to be in BM spec and high enough level to tame exotic beasts.

    2. Someone always posts this on a page with an exotic pet.

  5. do you know the spawning time of Jaxx the Rabid?

  6. what is the respawn time on magmagan? been here like 2 hours

    1. Would really like to know that answer myself! Anyone know the answer?

  7. i am freaking out i just caught chiaa and Jaxx with no wait what so ever i walked in on both of them