Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nagrand Rares

There are a total of three rare spawns in Nagrand, however only two of them are required for the Bloody Rare Achievement. The two needed for Bloody Rare are Goretooth and Voidhunter Yar. Although Bro'Gaz the Clanless is not required as part of the achievement I will still cover him in this post. 

Goretooth is a level 65 crocolisk that can be found in four different areas in Nagrand. Specifically those are in the lake just south of the Throne of Elements, the lake south of Sunspring Post, in the waters around Halaa, and the small body of water south of the road leading into Terokkar Forest. His patrol areas are highlighted in blue on the map above.

If spawned in the water around Halaa he can be spotted from the air as he moves in and out of the shallow water and he is quite large. If he is in either of the deep lakes or the road into Terokkar you will probably not be able to see him from the air as he will most likely be completely submerged under water. NPCScan, Silverdragon and targeting macros will still be able to pick him up though. If you don't use any addons to hunt rares /tar gore will work just fine and Tracker Snacks will show him on your mini map if hes up. He is the only beast that spawns in each of these locations, so if you see that dot you'll know it's him!

Goretooth drops level 63 boe bracers that can be any armor type with a random enchant. Specifically he drops: Crocolisk Hide Bindings, Crocolisk Hide Bracers, Crocolisk Scale Wristguards and Crocolisk Scale Vambraces.


Bro'Gaz the Clanless (NOT PART OF BLOODY RARE)
Bro'Gaz the Clanless is the npc that Blizzard forgot about when they were putting together the list of mobs for the Medium Rare and Bloody Rare Achievements. It's kind of sad he got forgotten in such a way, but at least he's not being hunted down by a bunch of achievement hungry players with hit-lists.

Bro'Gaz is a level 66 two-headed caster-type orge. He can spawn and patrol in any one of three different areas in Nagrand. (Marked in red on the above map.) The three patrol areas are not very far from any one of the ogre encampments in the zone.

He drops only one item of note, and that is a level 64 boe necklace with a random enchant: Gronn-Blessed Warbeads.

Voidhunter Yar
Voidhunter Yar is a level 68 voidwalker that spawns south east of Oshu'gun and patrols around the outside of the structure. He can be found patrolling clockwise AND counter clockwise. I have killed him several times, and I've seen him going in both directions. His patrol route is highlighted in green on the map above.

He looks different from the voidspawns in the area because of the armor on his chest, the other mobs in the area only have shoulder armor. This however, does not make him easily spottable in my opinion. He is very close to the same size as the mobs around him and his chest armor is not easily visible from the air.

He also has an ability that you should be aware of if your taking him out with a toon around his level. If you played back in BC, you know how annoying the Negaton Screamers were in the Arcatraz. Those were the voidwalkers with the crazy lantern headgear that would put up a 75% resistance to what ever school of magic you hit them with first. Well, this guy does the same thing. So if your a shadow priest think about opening up with a smite or holy fire so that you can hit him with your shadow spells, frost mages open with a scorch, etc. As you can see in the video below he had up Damage Reduction: Nature because I hit him with Serpent Sting first.

He drops a level 66 boe belt, again it can be any armor type and will have a random enchant. The belts are: Voidweave Cilice, Voidhide Cord, Voidscale Belt and Voidplate Girdle.


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