Saturday, January 28, 2012

Terokkar Forest Rares

There are a total of four rare spawns in Terokkar Forest. Three of them are part of the Bloody Rare Achievement, all of which I will cover in this post. The fourth rare in this zone is a bit less known about, and that is Hawkbane, a black and white striped cat that spawns in Skettis.

Like the other Outland rares these don't share a spawn timer, and I'm pretty sure they have all been nerfed to some extent as well.

Crippler is a level 65 bone golem that spawns in the southern part of Terokkar Forest. He can spawn in a few different locations including the Ring of Observance (which is in the center of Auchindoun) and Northwest, Northeast and Southeast of Auchindoun in the bone wastes. (His patrol routes are highlighted in blue on the map above.)

He seems to share the typical spawn timer as other rares in Outland, but I have read on some Wowhead comments that it may be possible to move up that timer a bit by killing broken skeletons outside of Auchindoun. How true that is I don't know, more than likely it could have been a coincidence that Crippler spawned right after killing a few skeletons for them. I've never experienced this myself.

Crippler drops one noteworthy item, and that is the Dragonbone Ring. It is a level 63 boe ring with a random enchant.

Okrek is a level 64 rare Arakkoa that can be found in Terokkar Forest in any one of the four Arakkoa Veils; Veil Skith, Veil Reskk, Veil Shienor and Veil Shalas. These areas are highlighted in red on the map above. He can be found patrolling above the ground in the tree huts, as well as on the ground.

He is a caster and doesn't hit very hard, but be careful if your taking him out and your around his level. It is possible to pull a multitude of adds when picking him up.

He drops a level 62 blue quality belt of a random armor type, and with a random enchant. The belts are Feathered Sash, Feathered Waistband, Feathered Belt and Feathered Girdle.


Doomsayer Jurim
Doomsayer Jurim is a level 64 draenei warlock who can be found patrolling on three of the roads in Terokkar Forest. He can be found patrolling the road just south of Shattrath heading down into the Bone Wastes, the one east of Shattrath heading toward Hellfire Peninsula, and the road from Tuurem heading toward Shadowmoon Valley. He patrol areas are in green on the map above.

I'm not sure if this is still the case since cataclysm, but I know back during the Burning Crusade days that if he spawned on either road outside of Shattrath he was often killed by the Shattrath City Guards. If this is still the case this would probably make him one of the more difficult rares to find for the Bloody Rare Achievement.

He drops level 62 boots, again they can be any armor type with a random enchant. The boots are Grim Slippers, Grim Boots, Grim Greaves and Grim Sabatons.


  1. Aww you didn't write about my favourite one! I love Hawkbane, and I didn't know he existed until recently!

    1. Aha! now I know why, he has a whole post on himself. Ignore my comment!

    2. Haha, it's all good! I had a few bad experiences with Hawkbane back in BC when he was elite. Since then I've shown him what for on both of my hunters by taming him! ;)

      But yeah, I figured he deserved his own post seeing as NPCScan and Bloody Rare forgets about him entirely.

  2. Very interesting blog :P:) I will follow you :)

  3. I discovered Jurim entirely by accident. I was questing in the area with my Hunter, and did the old inquisitor type quest with the patrolling mob and his bodyguard. During the fight I see a Draenei making his way up the path and suddenly he starts casting at me!

    I also had to laugh as I took my Death Knight to Outland to work on raising his mining. I hit Vindicator Yar, Crippler, and Okrek in about a 10 minute span.