Sunday, February 12, 2012

Netherstorm Rares

There are three rare spawns located in Netherstorm. All three (unfortunately) are required for the Bloody Rare Achievement. I say unfortunately because one of them is a highly desirable hunter pet. Nuramoc (a gorgeous chimaera pet) is the only rare unique hunter pet in ALL of outland.

Ever-Core the Punisher
Ever-Core the Punisher is a level 68 arcane guardian that can be found patrolling in three different areas in Netherstorm. He patrols in full circles around Manaforge B'Naar and Manaforge Ultris, and on the southern side of Manaforge Ara. His patrol areas are highlighted in blue on the map above.

He is very obvious when he's up because he is quite large and he looks very different from the mobs around him. He is not difficult to kill, unless your naked or something. He has only a couple of abilities and those are Arcane Explosion and Suppression. So yeah, casters might find him slightly annoying if too close, otherwise hes cake. Mmmmmm.

Ever-Core the Punisher drops one noteworthy item, and that is: Arcane Loop. It's a level 66 boe ring with a random enchant.


Chief Engineer Lorthander
Chief Engineer Lorthander is a level 69 blood elf mage that can be found patrolling around any one of the Manaforges in Netherstorm except for Manaforge Ultris. His patrol areas are highlighted in red on the above map.

He is not incredibly obvious when he is up. The only really distinguishing thing about him is his weapon. He wields a weapon that is completely unique, specifically a keyblade. You may recognize his weapon from Uldaman, where you needed to attach the shaft of Tsol and the Gni'Kiv Medallion to create the Staff of Prehistoria which opened the room to Ironya. As far as I know, currently there are no weapons in game that players can wield that match that match Chief Engineer Lorthander's Staff. A staff has been introduced to the game that matches his perfectly. It is called the Key to the Planes. I also have an entire transmog outfit on my other blog put together to match his look, see it here: Look like an NPC - Chief Engineer Lorthander Transmog.

Chief Engineer drops one noteworthy item, and that is: Illidari Cloak, which is a level 66 boe cloak with a random enchant.

Nuramoc is a sweet level 70 unique Beast Mastery chimaera pet that is unfortunately needed for the Bloody Rare achievement. His patrol areas are marked in green on the above map. He's so flippin' cool that he has an entire post dedicated to him right here.


  1. Oooh, and he is pink! He would look wonderful with my other pink Hunter pets. <3

    ~ Effy

    1. The WoW developers need to design more pink pets like this, and pink mail armor. Holy hell am I having a hard time finding some good sexy genuinely PINK armor.

      The set you recommended me I like a lot, it's on the reddish side though and the other one I'm leaning on is the skettis armor and that's purplish, I want something nice and dare I say it....Barby-like...DAMN YOU BLIZZ!!!!

  2. Gosh Nuramoc looks so pink here! I don't think my shot of him is so bright pink, it seems more purple.

    1. Oh and I just noticed new banner. NICE!

    2. I think it's because of where the shot was taken. This was taken in the Molten Front, which I think gives everything just a little more of a reddish hue.

      Screenies of him in Netherstorm I think are just more purplish because the whole zone is just so darn purple!

  3. I'd love to see something unique like Chief Engineer's staff in game. Numeroc is one of my 25 pets. The new banner looks great.

    1. I always have a hard time deciding between using Nuramoc and The Razza when I want to use a chimaera. They are both so pretty! Guess I'll just have to decide which one looks better with my outfit at the time. ;)