Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Zangarmarsh Rares

There are three rares that spawn in Zangarmarsh. All three of them are needed for the Bloody Rare Achievement. NPCScan Overlay does a pretty decent job indicating where they can all be found, but again isn't 100% accurate. I fine-tuned the map a little below. 

These mobs don't share a spawn timer (I've often times found one right after another), and have all been nerfed to some extent. 

Marticar is a level 63 fen strider that spawns and patrols in three different locations in Zangarmarsh. NPCScan overlay is just about dead on for this guy. I have highlighted his patrol area in light blue on the map above.

Marticar used to be an extremely difficult to kill elite back during the Burning Crusade era. I remember finding him back then when I was leveling my first warrior. I was so excited to find a rare I just ran in and BLAM! It was a quick death at least. He has been nerfed since then, and now my cat could probably kill him by walking across my keyboard.

He's very easy to spot when he's up because he has a unique whitish pink glow to him, I also believe he is taller than the other fen striders in the area.

He drops a decent looking white and green cloak called Striderhide Cloak, which is a blue quality level 64 boe cloak with a random enchant.

Coilfang Emissary
Coilfang Emissary is a level 63 naga that can spawn in any one of the naga villages in Zangarmarsh. NPCScan Overlay shows what looks like patrol areas for her, but she doesn't actually move around once she spawns in. I have highlighted her spawn points in red on the map above.

I have only ever seen her spawned in underneath one of those little naga huts when she is up. She is easy to spot, and stands out from other naga in the area because of her bright pink color. I would also like to point out that she seems to be wearing (the top of) one of my favorite robes in game, the Hibernal Robe. (Perhaps she has good taste?)

When killed, she drops pants. Why she is carrying around pants when she has no legs we can only guess... The pants she drops are of blue quality, level 61, boe, can be any armor type and will have a random enchant. The four random pants (in order by armor type) are: Nagahide Leggings, Nagahide Pants, Nagascale Legguards and Nagascale Legplates (these plate pants make a nice alternative for the Imbued Plate set which look great for Transmog).

Bog Lurker
Bog Lurker is a level 63 rare bog giant. He spawns in the three different areas in Zangarmarsh where tribes of broken ones reside. His patrol routes are highlighted in green on the map above and NPCScan Overlay is pretty spot on for him.

He's rather large, so he's easily noticeable when he's up. He also sometimes does a knock-back so be careful if you are taking him out near a bunch of other mobs. Other than that, he's pretty much a big pushover.

He drops blue quality, boe level 61 shoulders of a random armor type with a random enchant. The four shoulders (in order of armor type) are: Bog Mantle, Bog Spaulders, Bog Epaulets and Bog Pauldrons.


  1. Marticar is no longer unique skinned :(

  2. She's not -wearing- pants
    the pants are her hide and scales