Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thartuk the Exile

Thartuk the Exile is a rare level 81 with approximately 74.3k health. He can be found wandering the road in northern Mount Hyjal starting at Nordrassil and continuing all the way past the Circle of Cinders. Do not be fooled by NPCScan overlay with this guy, it currently doesn't show the exact patrol area. He actually spawns much closer to Nordrassil than the overlay implies. I re-did the overlay patrol area in green on the map below to give you a better idea of where to look for him.

Thartuk the Exile drops Thartuk's Inimitable Gauntlets, which are bind on equip item level 325 physical dps leather gloves. He also drops around 20 gold, and for leveling characters killing him yields a hefty amount of experience. 

For hunters, he is humanoid, so track humanoids will show him on your mini map. 

He is absolutely cake to kill; he doesn't hit very hard at all, so level 80's who stumble upon him shouldn't have any trouble taking him out.

He is one of seven rare spawns in Mount Hyjal, all of them are:

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