Friday, November 4, 2011

Putridus the Ancient

Putridus the Ancient is a level 80 elite rare flesh giant with approximately 75.6k health. He can be found patrolling a very large area between The Broken Front and Corp'rethar in Icecrown. I hiave highlighted his patrol area in red on the map below. He is one of three rare spawns in this zone. The others are Hildana Deathstealer and High Thane Jorfus.

Putridus the Ancient is part of the Northern Exposure and Frostbitten achievements. He drops Giant's Toewrap which are level 76 bind on equip leather bracers with a random enchant. Like other Northrend rares, he also drops Abandoned Adventurer's Satchel, which generally contains about 20 gold, a full stack of frostweave cloth, and often times a few crystallized elements. He's also worth a hefty amount of experience for people leveling in the area.

People taking him out at level 85 shouldn't have any issues. Levels 80's however should take some precautions. The area he patrols through has a very large number of hostile npcs. Some of them are elite, and many of them respawn very quickly. A lot of people in their haste to tag him don't take this into account and end up dying to these nearby mobs fairly quickly. If your going to try and take him out at level 80 or slightly less I'd recommend waiting until he pats through an area with little to no hostiles. 

Putridus the Ancient is also freaking HUGE. Because of his incredibly large size he can be seen from a phenomenally far distance. Notably, he can be targeted in Dalaran and is known for scaring the living shit out of people when their NPCScans go off there. I have had my NPCScan go off because of him multiple times while trading on the Dalaran Auction house. In the video below I am heading toward him from Dalaran, and although I didn't start recording until a bit after I left the city this should give a little bit of an idea just how far away NPCScan can pick him up from.


  1. For some reason the NPCscan picked this guy up as soon as I entered Warsong Hold in Borean Tundra. Found that somewhat odd

    1. I know npcscan will pick him up from ridiculous distances, but thats just overkill. I never realized it could pick him up so far, thanks for sharing!

  2. I had NPCScan pick him up in Grizzley Hills this morning and scare the crap out of me. LOL.

  3. npcscan just picked him up while i was killing crows in howling

  4. he is huge and can be picked up for miles, as long as there is line of sight. lol