Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wetlands Rare Spawns

Wetlands is a very aptly-named, swampy and predominantly Alliance zone. Throughout your sodden travels, keep your eyes out for twelve rares that call Wetlands their home.

Probably one of the more well-known rares in this zone is the Razormaw Matriarch, who used to drop the Razormaw Hatchling pet. This pet no longer drops from her, and can now be looted directly from her nest which can be found right near by her spawn point. (Nest shown in screenshots below.) You can find her in the cave at Raptor Ridge. When you enter the cave, simply stick to your right. She spawns at the end of the peninsula in the cavern filled with shallow water. She is also tamable, although not unique.

Leech Widow, the green and black spider, can also be found in a cave (Thelgen Rock). The entrance is at 53.2, 62.9. She is located deep inside, beside the large shallow pool of water. Again, she is tamable but not unique. Sludginn can be found in the bottom of Ironbeard's Tomb, and he is HUGE. He takes up the entire area! The rest of the rares in this zone can be found outdoors.

Chops, the brownish green and orange crocolisk (pictured on the right), is a brand new rare to the zone (added in patch 5.1). You'll find him swimming around in the river between Wetlands and Arathi Highlands. To get to him by foot simply head north over the Thandol Span and make a right. There is a path leading down to the water from Arathi. Due to CRZ, you probably won't see him until you cross over into Wetlands (down by the water). If he's up you won't miss him because he's quite large. He is tamable, and although not unique you won't find another croc to tame that shares his same model and coloration until reaching the mid-level 80's and heading to Uldum.

Click map to Enlarge
Here are some screenshots of each of these rares in order by level. (Click on pictures to enlarge them.)
Ma'ruk Wyrmscale, Gazz the Loch Hunter, Leech Widow & Gnawbone

Two-Toes, Rufus Darkshot, Sarltooth & Mirelow
Sludginn, Garneg Charskull, Razormaw Matriarch & Chops

Razormaw Matriarch & her Nest
All of these rares can be added to NPCScan. You can simply cut and paste these two macros in game to add all of them automatically:

/npcscan add 2090 Ma'ruk Wyrmscale
/npcscan add 44227 Gazz the Loch-Hunter
/npcscan add 1112 Leech Widow
/npcscan add 14425 Gnawbone
/npcscan add 44224 Two-Toes
/npcscan add 44225 Rufus Darkshot
/npcscan add 44226 Sarltooth

/npcscan add 14424 Mirelow
/npcscan add 14433Sludginn
/npcscan add 2108 Garneg Charskull
/npcscan add 1140 Razormaw Matriarch
/npcscan add 50964 Chops


  1. Sarltooth is not tamable unless you have the ability (at level 60-something I believe).
    Just as a warning, do not wait 2 hours or so unless you have that.

  2. I remember killing a rare when I played my Warlock in Vanilla. It's a one rather similar to Sludginn only green. It was located in the mountains south of Menethil if irc But I can't remember the name.